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Do you want support from Primordial Light all day long?

With this unique, custom-made energetic piece of jewelry you have Primordial Light with you all day long. This piece of jewelry includes the small Primordial Light sphere that supports you in your process. For example, you can ask this Sphere to:

  • support you in specific situations by expressing an intention to the small ball in the morning and holding it in your hands in front of your heart.
  • protection
  • softness. Ask the Primordial Light small sphere this, so that it can work together with your question.
  • support, for example if you can give a Primordial Light Healing to others.
energetic jewel: small Primordial Light sphere pendant

The small Primordial Light sphere can support you in your wishes

Examples of wishes (and things you can ask this Sphere in your mind):

  • Support me to stay good in my own energy
  • Support me to be gentle and loving
  • Support me at appointment X so that we have a nice meeting

The small Primordial Light sphere has a 925 silver cage through which you can put a chain. You can also use the sphere for massaging. Remove the ball from the silver cage and use it for a massage. The small Sphere may have direct contact with the skin.

The dimensions of the small sphere are: 16 × 16 × 16 mm, the weight is 7 grams.

energetically charged jewelry (small Primordial Light  sphere) on a chain of your choice

Where do you hang this little ball?

You can decide for yourself at what height you want to hang the small Primordial Light sphere. For example, some people like to hang it by the belly and others prefer to have it at the level of the heart or throat. It is up to you; do what is intuitively right for you.

The small Primordial Light Sphere is personally tailored for you

The small Primordial Light sphere is personally made for you by me (Mathijs) and manually programmed and tuned to the Primordial Light field.

The small Primordial Light orb cleans itself energetically. I do recommend that you occasionally wipe it with a soft cloth to remove any sweat / dust.

Use and safety:
If the ball is exposed to the sun, a hot spot may occur. Therefore, never leave the ball in the sun in connection with fire safety.

Experiences of others with this energetic piece of jewelry

Wietske: “The pendant feels safe and supportive”


“It attracted me to order a small Primordial Light sphere pendant. 

After opening the package I was captivated by the beauty but also whether I could handle it. I started very carefully: I first put the hanger in the room and looked every now and then. I started holding and carrying for 15 minutes. It feels so safe and supportive now! I think it’s beautiful.”

Esther: “I feel stronger”


“I would say my biggest challenge was/is to trust myself more, follow my intuition/path.

I have received a Primordial Light Healing (in a group) from you a number of times and have had very good experiences with it. I had the feeling that the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant could support me in my ascension. 

I think it’s beautiful and special. I felt supported from the start. I was upset at one point, I don’t remember why, but I grabbed the hanger by myself and felt stronger. I am grateful that I am calmer, that time seems more “stretched out” or something, I am better able to be in the moment.”

Judith: “When I wore it for the first time, it felt like coming home right away”

“The reason I ordered the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant was to discover myself and what else I have to do here on earth. 

I think the small Primordial Light sphere pendant is beautiful and powerful. When I wore it for the first time, it felt right at home. The Primordial Light Sphere pendant is healing me. I felt that I wasn’t allowed to wear it 1 time, because it was healing well and very powerfully. I learn to discover myself. I see that I am not alone and that the universe is helping me. And that the Primordial Light Sphere pendant, thanks to you Mathijs and the masters programmed it for me. That it is for me.

The Primordial Light energy is a very nice gift. It helps you move forward after you’ve processed. And I am very grateful for that. What else do you want.

Mathijs, I am grateful that you have arranged to program the Primordial Light Sphere pendant and that you can also help others when they use the Primordial Light energy. We need it :).”

Fenneke: “I see the bright side in situations more quickly”


“For me, I felt very clearly that I really wanted the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant. The challenge was my uncertainty and intensity of this little Primordial Light Sphere and whether I could handle it. The challenge was just hang on and go.

I’m very happy with it. I feel that the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant contributes a lot to me. I feel the intensity, but feel supported and embraced by the light . I feel more and more connected to the light. I also see the bright side in situations more quickly. When I have a question or concern and touch the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant and ask if the light can contribute to the situation, I feel embraced and have the feeling that I will receive the answer very quickly. It feels like I’m standing much firmer. 

Since a dream I can speak very well to people who are confronted with illness or death. It keeps coming to me too. But I can now receive it very well and I am no longer afraid and I no longer feel insecure about this towards people and I also feel a lot of peace in this towards myself. Also I feel deep gratitude and love for life itself. I’m sure that the small Primordial Light Sphere pendant has been and still is a contribution to this. I find it difficult to give words to this, but I am very happy with it.”

Do you also want a custom-made energetically charged piece of jewelry?

The investment is €89 excluding shipping costs and any customs clearance fees.  You have to take care of a chain yourself.

I am a digital nomad. At the moment this product is shipped from Europe. Contact me if you want to order your custom-made energetic jewelry and the small Primordial Light sphere pendant and let me know what your address is. Intuitively I determine the right time to program the small Primordial Light sphere. It can take up to 10 working days before it is ready, partly because programming can sometimes be spread over several days.

Note : The small Primordial Light Bol can only be ordered for yourself. Would you like to give a Primordial Light pendant – small sphere as a gift? Then you can give a gift voucher to someone. Send a message via the contact form at the bottom of this page to inquire about the possibilities.

energetic jewel: small Primordial Light  sphere pendant

Contact for ordering or more information

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