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Frequently Asked Questions to Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

Questions about us:

Where are you from?

From The Netherlands – Europe.

What is your background?

”I studied Applied Psychology. On my LinkedIn profile you can read more about my background.”

”I studied Sport and Physical Education. For years I worked as a gymnastic teacher. After 17 years I changed course. I am the founder of Primordial Light Healing. On my LinkedIn Profile you can read more about my background”.

What is your job?

Femke: ”I teach highly sensitive women how they can feel more alive and be happy with there sensitivity. For example as an author I wrote books, articles for magazines and I created digital courses to help highly sensitive women. You can see those courses in Dutch on (are you having interest in an English translation of those courses? Please let me know)!”

Mathijs: ”I teach highly sensitive people how they can give energetic healings to others.”

Can I add you on Facebook?

Femke: ”You can follow my personal Facebook. Following is the new adding! Almost all my Facebook posts are Dutch. My Instagram and LinkedIn profile are available in English. I have also some subtitled English videos on my YouTube Channel.

Mathijs: ”You can follow my personal Facebook. Following is the new adding! Almost all my Facebook posts are Dutch. My LinkedIn profile is available in English and I have also some English videos on my YouTube Channel.”

What countries have you been to?

Austria, Bonaire, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, England, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Lesotho, Luxembourg, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain (and some Canary Islands), Sweden, Switzerland, South-Africa, United Arab Emirates.

Questions about our services:

Can you help me with my highly sensitivity?

Yes! Please check this page.

Do you have a Dutch website?

Yes! This is Femkes website: and Mathijs his website:

Other questions:

I have an airline company/travel agency/restaurant/hotel. Can you write about me on your website?

Absolutely. Just to be sure:

  • We are highly sensitive and we prefer quiet places and nature, so we do not write about very busy hotels.
  • We love vegetarian, vegan, organic and gluten free food, so we do not write about every restaurant.

We are sure we can find a deal that makes us both happy. Contact us!

Can you post a link to my website for free?

No. We only post links on our website that we like. Please contact us and let us know what you exactly want. If it feels good and we would like to promote your website we will send you our rates.

Can you promote my website, video, book etc. for free?

No. We only promote websites, videos, books etc. that we like. Please contact us and ask us what you want and if it feels good, we will send you our rates.

I like your website. Can I repost your stuff?

No. Feel free to share the links to our (website) posts on your website and social media. But please do not copy our content and paste it into your forum, website or anywhere else. That’s not okay! You can write a short blurb and link back, but never share our entire post.

Can I meet you?

Would you like to meet us because you are:

  • A journalist? Please contact us.
  • Having problems with your highly sensitivity? Femke does not offer in person coaching or consults. Mathijs has sometimes possibilities to help you in person via his services. Please contact him for the actual possibilities.
  • Living in a country that we would like to visit? Please contact us, maybe we will organise a Meet & Greet.

Do you have another question? Please contact us via this form.