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How we can help you

Are you:

Do you recognise this:

  • Do you feel there is more in life and do want to live a ‘real life’?
  • Do want to live your life to the fullest?
  • Does your job and life not give you 100% satisfaction?
  • Are you bored? Do you not use your potential?
  • Do you feel your heart desire and dream, but are you afraid it is not possible to live your dream?

Then we would like to help you! We believe it is not a coincidence that you are highly intuitive. We believe your sensitivity has a reason: it is a gift for yourself and the world. So the world can be a better place, with more love, light and freedom. So, shine on with your gifts! Discover your divine calling and soul purpose. Dare to live your soul purpose and follow your unique way.

Mathijs his specialization: helping lightworkers with energetic healing

Are you paranormal or highly sensitive lightworker and do you recognise this;

  • Do you want to help others with energetic healing, but do you not know how?
  • Do you feel that your dream job involves energetic healing, but do you not dare to take steps in this direction?
  • Are you looking for what your energetic healing mission and dream job exactly is?
  • Are you stuck in your current energetic healing job?

Together with Ascended Masters I would like to help you, so that you discover among other things:
✔ What your sensitive talents are and how you can use them during your energetic healing work
✔ What your healing mission and dream job is, so that you can work with pleasure and effortlessly support yourself
✔ How to help others quickly and effectively through my unique Primordial Light Healing method (for example via my energetic sphere (on the photo above) and energetic jewellery (on the photo below))

Mathijs can help you for example via the Large Primordial Light Sphere and the Small Primordial Light Sphere (jewelry).

Femke her specialization: helping women to use their potential and to feel alive

Are you a highly sensitive /paranormal woman and do you want to feel alive?

I have a holistic and spiritual point of view and I help highly sensitive and paranormal women with my own developed, unique method. In this method I use the power of silence and I collaborate with your soul/higher self and beings of light. As an author I wrote several dutch books and articles for magazines and I created digital courses to help highly sensitive and paranormal women.

I have reached millions of people and I helped thousands of highly sensitive and paranormal people. I gladly share my success formulas with you, so you can use your potential and flourish and be happy with your sensitivity too!

How we can help you in Dutch:

Check here and discover how Femke can help you further. Check here and discover how Mathijs can help you further.

How we can help you in English:

Please contact us so we can help you further!

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About Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

We are Femke and Mathijs: a Dutch couple and we are both highly sensitive and highly intuitive/paranormal. We feel a non-physical presence beyond the visible site and we are very interested in spirituality and sacred places.

We love to travel the world with our dog Juultje (born in 2022).

We like helping highly sensitive and paranormal persons to discover their divine calling and soul purpose and live it, so they can feel alive too.