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HSP test: are you a highly sensitive person?

    Door Femke de Grijs

    Do you recognize this?

    • Have you worked long and hard and are you burn-out ?
    • Here you had Pfeiffer’s Disease, but still suffer from fatigue?
    • Do you suffer a lot from chronic fatigue?
    • Do you feel misunderstood?
    • Do you have mood swings, or a sensitivity to addictions or depression?

    It may be that high sensitivity has something to do with this. Approximately 15-20% of the population is highly sensitive. Highly sensitive persons (HSP) have a more sensitive nervous system and a relatively open energy field compared to non- high sensitive persons. All the senses are intensified. Highly sensitive people often recognize themselves in these HSP characteristics. Highly sensitive people often feel different. This has a lot of advantages, but can also lead to disadvantages if you do not know how to benefit from your high sensitivity.

    If you have not yet mastered your high-sensitivity and are over-stimulated, it can be difficult to distinguish what your own energy (like emotions) and energy from another person is. In the long run this can cause fatigue, among other things. Usually, HSP come into contact with information about high sensitivity at a time of crisis: a time when you feel that things are not going according to your wishes on a physical, emotional and/or mental level.

    Is there such a thing as a free online HSP Test?
    There is no device (such as a device which can measure the heart rate) which can measure if/how (high) sensitive you are. Because of this reason high sensitivity is not recognized by everyone, this can lead to misunderstanding. However, you can use a self-report testing, to find out if you are a highly sensitive person.

    Here you can find out if you are a HSP. You can learn to deal with your high sensitivity, feel more vital and be even more productive!

    HSP test 1: Find out if you are a highly sensitive person

    The most commonly used HSP test to find out whether you are highly sensitive is the Self-report questionnaire by Dr. Elaine Aron from her book: “The highly sensitive person. How do you thrive when the world overwhelms you?” This Self-reporting test is scientifically substantiated and is sometimes called a highly sensitive test/highly sensitive self test, a highly sensitive person test or a HSP test.

    Aron’s test: outdated!

    In practice, it appears that the test from Elaine Aron is insufficient for some people to determine whether they are highly sensitive. In my opinion, the test is outdated. The problem with Elaine Aron’s questionnaire is that high-sensitive people score high on her questionnaire, especially if they do not yet control their high-sensitivity, and are therefore more likely to be ‘labeled’ as high-sensitive compared to high-sensitive people who use their high-sensitivity as a quality and do manage it well. They score lower on the test and they seem to be less highly sensitive. In my point of view, this should not be the case.

    This is why I developed my help. I my help I share the most current and practical tools and a self test, so you can find out whether you are highly sensitive and how you can take the benefits of this. This test is independent of whether or not you manage high sensitivity. Would you like to get an impression of whether you are highly sensitive? I developed 2 Mini-Tests, which I share below! These tests give you an indication if you are a highly sensitive person.


    • Step 1: Answer each question according to the way you personally feel. Mark ‘Yes’ if the sentence is at least somewhat true for you; mark ‘No’ if it is not very true or not at all true for you.
    • Step 2: Press the button ‘See result’. You will see the results in the test box.
    • Step 3: After you have finished this HSP test, please scroll and start the second ‘Do you struggle with high sensitivity problems test’.

    HSP test

    Are you a highly sensitive person?

    1. You can easily be touched by warm comments

    2. You can easily and quickly help people: you notice what someone elses need to make it other people more comfortable

    3. You can feel atmosphere and other people’s moods well

    4. You can you empathize with others

    5. You do feel very responsible

    6. You have a rich inner experience

    7. You can experience strong emotions

    8. You are sensitive to stimuli like pain

    9. You are sensitive for paranormal things, maybe you notice light beings or entities

    10. Your senses are sharp

    11. You have an eye for details

    12. In your work, quality and satisfaction are just as important as salary

    13. You are careful, because you oversee consequences

    14. You learn quickly

    15. You function better at your own pace

    16. You function the best in your own space

    17. You are a perfectionist

    18. You are conscientious

    19. You are dutiful

    20. You are creative

    21. You have a broad range of interests

    22. You are interested in spirituality

    23. You prefer deep conversation topics, such as your life mission

    24. You enjoy inspiration

    25. You like justice and respect

    26. You love art and beauty

    27. You prefer silence and peace

    HSP Test 2: Do you struggle with high sensitivity problems?

    High sensitivity is a wonderful quality, but highly sensitive people can struggle with problems if they do not know how to benefit from their sensitivity. It is very important to discover if you struggle with these problems: then you can solve them. This test helps you to discover if you struggle with highly sensitive problems.


    • Step 1: Answer each question according to the way you personally feel. Check the box if  the sentence is at least somewhat true for you; leave unchecked if it is not very true or not at all true for you.
    • Step 2: Press the button ‘Finish quiz’. The page will be refreshed and you will see the results at the top of the page.

    Do you struggle with HSP problems?

    1. You do not feel understood and because of this you withdraw

    2. You are easily feeling tired or empty

    3. You are sensitive for addictions or depression

    4. You have mood swings

    5. You are struggling with shyness

    6. You quickly suffer from stress symptoms

    7. You have a lower self-esteem

    8. You are afraid to make mistakes

    9. You found it difficult to shield yourself and you are taking over someone else’s energy

    10. You found it difficult to experience your own energy, like your own emotions and thoughts/preferences

    11. You feel too responsible: you lose yourself in others. You figure yourself out

    12. You struggle with setting and keeping your boundaries

    13. You need a lot of time to recover from impressions / events (you prefer to be alone)

    14. You are a pleaser

    15. You are easily getting overwhelmed by stimuli


    • Consult a medical doctor if you have any of the symptoms which I mentioned above. For example, if a physical problem is also found, you may be able to solve it. Find a medical doctor who feels comfortable for you. An anthroposophical medical doctor may be useful, as he or she recognizes a spiritual core in the human being, which can generally give a feeling of ‘coming home’ with HSP.
    • If you know whether your symptoms are (partly) caused by high sensitivity, you can work on this. Discover whether you are highly sensitive and learn how to use this as a strength!

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