A New Age child is a child or adult, displaying specific features that resonate with the New Age. This is the Aquarian era. It is unclear who first introduced the term New Age child. In any case, the New Age child is derived from the term New Age. Those children have always been there, even in the ‘Old’ Piscean Age. However, more of this children are currently being born.

It is a misunderstanding that a New age child is always a child. In the Netherlands, child is often taken to mean “someone who is no longer growing and who is not yet an adult (eighteen years)”. However, growing can be physical, but also emotional, mental and spiritual and is often not age-related.

If you were born in the Aquarian age, that does not automatically mean you are a child of the and you are consciously using this Aquarian energy in your life. You can also have ‘old’ Pisces consciousness and use this energy in your life: you can be an ‘Old Age Child’.

In this video I summarize a few things and share some features of a New Age child (more features I share under the video). This video is in Dutch with English subtitles. To get the subtitles:

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In many cases the term New Age child seems correct, because more children (under 18 years) are resonating with this Aquarian consciousness.

In some cases, the term New Age Adult  seems more appropriate, for example if people are over eighteen and (usually after a “crisis”) consciously work with this Aquarian energy.

New Age Child Test

There is no free online science-based New Age child test to find out if you are a child or human of the New Age. However, you can feel for yourself whether you are, for example on the basis of the characteristics below.

New Age Child Characteristics

Keep in mind that each child of the New Age child unique and the characteristics can vary from person to person. Sometimes these characteristics are called New Age child Symptoms: however this is incorrect because being a New Age child is not a disease.

Physical characteristics:

  • You are having trouble with motor skills.
  • You have been a crying baby.
  • You have skin conditions such as eczema.
  • You are having trouble sleeping.
  • You are hypersensitive, for example for food. For example, New Age children may have nutritional intolerances.

Emotional features

  • You want to create unity and harmony. For example, some New Age children may oppose ‘box thinking’.
  • You can be intense emotional (like sad, anxious or being angry).
  • You feel ‘different’, misunderstood, or lonely .

Mental features

  • You are idealistic.
  • You are stubborn.
  • You are rebellious.
  • You have or had wise statements for your age.
  • You are gifted .
  • You have dyslexia .
  • You have dyscalculie.
  • You are dreamy.
  • You are being absent and withdrawn, you do nt longer having good contact with the reality and the Here and Now.
  • You lik to find depth.

Spiritual features

  • You are highly sensitive: New Age children often recognize themselves in these HSP characteristics.
  • You are intuitive.
  • You have a paranormal perception.
  • You experience connectedness, for example with animals (maybe you you love vegetarian food) and nature.
  • You are an  old soul.

Each New Age child has specific qualities. In practice, there can be a big difference in the speed at which physical (motor), emotional (including social), mental (language, math, intellectual) and spiritual skills and qualities develop.

For example, some New Age children recognize themselves in the qualities of a Indigo or Crystal child. A Crystal Child is an example of a New Age Child, but not all New Age children are a Crystal Child. New Age children can also be an Indigo child, or have other qualities.

If a New Age child has not yet mastered his qualities properly, he can suffer from all kinds of complaints. In the regular circuit, for example, New Age children (sometimes wrongly) are given ‘labels’ such as ADHD, ADD , PDD-NOS and Autism.


In case of complaints, also consult a medical doctor and find guidance that suits you. For example, New Age children often benefit from holistic vision and alternative medicine.

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