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Bosnia Pyramid: all you need to know about it!

    About 1 in 5 people is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and recognizes themselves in these HSP characteristics. HSPs are extra open to energy, also to energy from places. For example, there are places that can cost HSP energy. There are also places that give energy; I recommend you to visit those places!

    What gives energy is personal. In general, power spots provide energy. One of these power spots are the pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina. They are also called “Visoko pyramids”. Below I share practical information about what these pyramids are, what they look like, what has been researched / measured and my experiences with the pyramid energy.

    I also share useful tips (such as my favorite vegan and gluten-free eateries) if you also go to these pyramids.

    Tip: my experience is that it is nice to visit 1/maximum 2 power places per day (I recommend to spread 2 power places over different parts of the day with a break in between) as a HSP, so that the energy can be experienced and can ‘sink’.

    Visit the Bosnian pyramids with or without a guide?

    At some locations there are guides available, below you can read more about this. Many places I visited with a guide first, because I could not find the places myself. For example, you can indicate in advance at Park Ravne 2 that you want to go to one or more places with a guide and discuss the possibilities.

    Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    It is said that there are pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the Visočica hill in Visoko.

    What is a pyramid?

    There are different definitions of what a pyramid is. A pyramid often meets these characteristics:

    • It has geometric shapes and is built from certain proportions (for example, those proportions are related to Phi/de fibonacci series).
    • It has specific building materials.
    • It is related to the wind directions (the sides are precisely matched to the 4 wind directions).
    • It is related to the winter, summer, autumn and/or spring equinox (for example the sun can be seen at the top of the pyramid during one of these events).
    • It’s close to water (like The Nile, which is close to the pyramids).
    • It’s related to leylines and volcanic lines.
    • There are tunnels (also found in Egypt)/rooms. A picture of Egyptian pyramids:

    A pyramid can also be a pyramid without a Pharaoh being found in it.

    Sam Osmanagich

    Since 2005 Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic has several Pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina surved:

    1. Pyramid of the Sun: marked with number 1 on the map below.
    2. Pyramid of the Moon: marked with number 2 on the map below.
    3. Pyramid of Love: marked with number 3 on the map below. This pyramid is located on private property.
    4. Pyramid of the Dragon: marked with number 5 on the map below. You can only walk to this Pyramid.

    Together with Mathijs I attended 2 conferences of Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic.

    Are you going to come here too? Tip: be open minded. Feel what’s right for you and take with you what makes you happy and what feels ‘right’ for you/. We didn’t agree with everything, but we did like the fact that we attended the conferences.

    How old are the pyramids?

    The Bosnian pyramids are thought to be 12,000-15,000 years old. Under the Bosnian pyramids it is older. The C14 dating (carbon dating) age is about 29,200 years (with a backlash of about 400 years), the calibrated age is 34,000 years.

    Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic investigated further in Bosnia and Herzegovina:

    -KTK tunnels
    (these cannot be visited for safety reasons): marked with number 6 on the map above.
    underground labyrinth Ravne: marked with number 7 on the map above. Ravne is best known and is heading towards the Pyramid of the Sun. Nearby is the Park Ravne 2 and a Healing Forest.

    • Tumulus: marked with number 8 on the map above.

    Books by Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic

    Dr. Sam Semir Osmanagic has written books about these pyramids, like: “Pyramids around the world & lost pyramids of Bosnia” and “Ancient history – From beyond the Veil”. Some of his books are free to read.

    Below you will find more information about some of these places: practical information, what to see and my experiences. Keep in mind that experiences are very personal: what one person thinks is fantastic, another person doesn’t have to find fantastic, etc. A place (regardless of whether you experience it as positive, negative or neutral) can help you to grow further.

    How are the pyramids made?

    There are different visions of who made the pyramids. Some people think that the pyramids:

    • And the above mentioned places do not exist and are made by nature. For example, some people are reluctant to recognize and investigate pyramids for economic/political reasons. There has been resistance from different sides to investigate the pyramids in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    • Have been made by gods.
    • Have been created by aliens.
    • Have been made by people, for example with thought force/magnetism/gravity and in collaboration with nature.

    Sometimes people think that there is a combination of the above.

    Tip: go there yourself and experience what’s right for you!

    Pyramidal energy: what is the function and energy of pyramids?

    There are different views on the usefulness of pyramids and the energy they have to do with, such as:

    • Cemetries
    • Energy portals, for example to travel through time and space (teleportation)
    • Communication portals

    Some people perceive physically, emotionally and mentally that the energy of pyramids does something to them. Some people notice that the self-healing capacity is addressed and life force is increased. Other people notice that old ‘pain’/blockages come to the fore, which they can then transform.

    Below are some examples of what pyramid energy may do to you:

    Physical effects

    • Experience more energy
    • Observe that products such as food have a longer shelf life
    • Observe that wounds heal faster
    • Bacterium/fungal/virus killer (pathogen killer)

    Emotional effects

    • Be happier
    • Experience more emotional balance

    Mental effects

    • Observing oneness


    • Ask advice from a medical doctor in case of complaints.
    • Go there yourself and experience what’s right for you!

    Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun: the oldest, highest and largest pyramid in the world?

    Some people think that the Pyramid of the Sun is the oldest and largest pyramid (220 meters high) in the world.

    Excavations of the Pyramid of the Sun


    Signs indicate the Pyramid of the Sun; this leads you to the excavations of the Pyramid of the Sun.

    There is a parking space indicated next to a souvenir shop, please note that this parking space has been paid for (in September 2018: 2 KM). This is not clearly indicated.

    Although there is a ‘donation ticket’ on a sign, you are expected to pay a ticket to view these excavations. With a donation ticket you can view the excavations yourself, or you can do this with a guide who is present. You do not need to book a guide in advance.

    Mathijs and I went up with the present guide, which is a 10 minute walk with an occasional break and explanation. Some explanations are also on signs.

    You can walk from the excavations to the pyramid, which seems to take about 45 minutes and is not pleasant to walk. I advise you to walk the pyramid via the main road (as described below).

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the parking lot: 2 because it is steep (you have to walk stairs).


    • It has been measured that the earth above the pyramid structure is 12,000-15,000 years old.
    • A fossilized sheet was found between 2 concrete blocks and is 29,200 years old (with a backlash of about 400 years).

    What can you see here?

    Excavations and several layers of rocks such as concrete and crystals.

    Below you can see some of the concrete blocks. It has been researched that they have been made artificially. They consist of rocks, pebbles and sand (all from the underground tunnels). Melted clay served as a binding agent. These concrete blocks are harder than modern concrete blocks and have lower water absorption.

    With measurements, an iron plate was found under the pyramid.

    It is still unclear why the Pyramid of the Sun and other phenomena exist and by whom it was made. No bones of the builders or building material were found.

    It is sometimes thought that the Pyramid of the Sun possibly served to create/strengthen energy and/or as a communication portal.

    A sign at the excavations of the Pyramid of the Sun says that the Pyramid of the Sun amplifies vital energy (chi, prana, orgone energy). It also says that the Pyramid served as an energy machine and was used for:

    • Communication
    • Self healing
    • Rejuvenation
    • Improving the water and nutrient molecules structure
    • Developing spiritual capacities
    • Reducing natural disasters
    • Retaining the Schumann resonance

    What did I think of the excavations of the Pyramid of the Sun?

    I found it interesting to see. Mathijs and I were glad that we went up with a guide. I recommend that you first look at the excavations and then take a look at the top of the pyramid.

    Climbing the top of the Pyramid of the Sun


    Signs indicate where the Pyramid of the Sun is. Keep in mind that these signs indicate where the above mentioned excavations of the Pyramid of the Sun are; here you won’t find the top of the pyramid!

    If you want to go to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun, you can do this by car. You first follow the signs to the Pyramid of the Sun, but you don’t park at the indicated places. You also ignore the signs that indicate that you must go to the right, because you still have to drive a lot straight ahead. If at some point you see apartments in the distance (apartments Piramida Sunca: see the right side of the picture), then there is the pyramid almost opposite about it. You can park your car at the bottom of the top of the pyramid. Here are a number of cars with sellers (bottom right of the picture) promoting their wares (like sheepskins and stones).

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the car park near the top: 4. Please note that the walk to the top is sometimes steep and tough; there are loose stones and walking shoes and poles are practical. The walk from the parking lot to the top takes if you walk quietly and take peek breaks about 18 minutes. The walking route is not indicated.

    Click here fore more information about the Pyramid of the Sun.


    • At the top of the pyramid a frequency of 28 kHz was measured in a radius of 4.5 meters. It is thought that this frequency is good for levitation/communication.
    • The Schumann resonance has been measured over the entire pyramid. It is thought that this resonance can help people to develop physically, mentally and spiritually.
    • It has been researched that the North side of the pyramid almost completely (with a deviation of 1 degree) corresponds to the cosmic North: it has a deviation of 12 seconds. It is said that this pyramid has the most exact orientation. The Pyramid of Cheops from Egypt (previously known as the largest and oldest pyramid in the world) has a deviation of 2 minutes.

    What can you see here?

    At the top of the Pyramid of the Sun you have a view of the surroundings and the city. There is also a kind of hole (someone was meditating in this hole when I visited the Pyramid) and a relatively new stone wall/circle that marks where there used to be a medieval fortress. In the video and photo below I share an impression of the Pyramid of the Sun.

    Although the videos in this blog are Dutch, all the videos have subtitels:

    • Press on the play and pause button.
    • Press on the subtitle button. If this does not work:
    • Click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video player to display the video player settings.
    • Expand the combo box next to Subtitles/CC.
    • Click the desired subtitle language to begin displaying subtitles. The video is manually translated in to English (so the translation is okay), YouTube translates the video automatically to other languages (I am not sure if the quality of the translation is okay then).

    What did I think of the Pyramid of the Sun and the pyramid energy?

    I liked the view of the pyramid, it was a bit like sitting in a plane.
    The first time I was here, it was relatively quiet: there were about 10 people when we were there. I liked that. In the weekend it is busier.The energy of the Pyramid of the Sun in general did not feel spectacular to me. I had the feeling that especially at the bottom of the pyramid people have been busy with the pyramid. At the center of the Pyramid of the Sun I felt the energy move. I sat down there: the energy felt very positive for me, bright, light and nourishing. It had a pleasant effect on my head: I experienced more clarity. I can wholeheartedly recommend HSP to find the centre and to consciously feel/sit here (tip: you can ask for a guide at Park Ravne 2 in advance to help you with this).

    Bosnian Pyramid of the Moon

    It is thought that after the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon (190 meters high) is the largest pyramid in the world.


    There are 2 routes to reach the Pyramid of the Moon. The road is relatively bumpy; most often you can use a Jeep, but not with an ordinary car. At Park Ravne 2 we booked a guide (who had a good car) to visit the Pyramid of the Moon. From the bridge it takes about 12 minutes to drive up. This is a private property. I understood that it costs money to visit this place. When we visit this place we ask the owners if that’s okay. We park the car and give a donation afterwards.

    Useful to know: there are relatively many mosquitoes on the pyramid (especially at the centre); put on covered clothes.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the parking lot to the center: 1 (the road goes up a bit). It takes about 2.5 minutes to walk from the car park to the centre. The hiking route is not signposted.

    Click here for more information about the Pyramid of the Moon.


    • On the Pyramid of the Moon a frequency of 42 kHz is measured.

    What can you see here?

    On one of the roads towards the Pyramid of the Moon it is possible to obtain drinking water along the side of the road. It is said that drinking it  can help some women to get pregnant.

    Excavations have been carried out at various places, where various layers of rock can be seen: sandstone and clay. Nobody knows how this was made: the stones look as if they have been laid down by humans.

    A man who wanted to investigate exactly how this was done had tried to dig as far as possible, but at a certain moment he couldn’t get any further because a stone was too hard.

    We’ve meditated on the center of the pyramid.

    There was also an excavated hole; during excavations ’empty spaces’ were found here, which may indicate tunnels.

    We were the only visitors, I loved the peace and quiet atmosphere.

    In this video you can see the Pyramid of the Moon (including the way to the center of this Pyramid):

    The energy of the center of the pyramid felt great, like coming home. I was moved by it. The energy felt soft, mild and relatively feminine. It felt ‘quiet’ and connected with ancestors and water. I had the feeling that this place can help you to purify energetically and to further discover ‘old’ knowledge in you and let this flow. Mathijs and I have made an exercise here for HSP, which I shared in my Dutch Volle Maan Jaarprogramma.

    Hladovina Debela kod Dzevde

    This is a picnic area and is situated halfway up the Pyramid of the Moon. Freely translated ‘Hladovina Debela kod Dzevde’ means ‘thick shadow’. Here you can sit in the shade when the weather is sunny. The terrace of the picnic area is built by the owner.

    It is sometimes thought that on this plateau is the original entrance to the Pyramid of the Moon. Sometimes people meditate here.


    This is a private property. You have to pay an entrance fee (at the moment we are there 1 KM per person). More information can be found on this Facebookpage.

    You can find Hladovina Debela kod Dzevde by going to the left after the ‘Moonwater’ (see the picture above). Follow the road; at a certain moment Hladovina Debela kod Dzevde is on the right side. You have to walk up a bit: on the left side there is a staircase, that’s the easiest route.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the parking lot: 2.5 (you have to walk up a steep slope or climb stairs). The walking route is not indicated.

    What can you see here?

    Clay and stones. Some stones have shifted, just like clay.

    Furthermore, you have a view of the Pyramid of the Sun (on the right of the picture), Pyramid of Love (in the middle of the picture) and the Temple of Mother Earth (which is on the left and is not visible on the picture).

    What did I think of Hladovina Debela kod Dzevde?

    I loved the view! The energy felt a little bit vortex-like, grounding and quiet. It helped me to open my heart even further.

    Bosnian Pyramid of Love

    The Pyramid of Love is about as high as the Pyramid of the Moon.


    This is private property and in principle not to be visited. Sometimes it is possible to pay an entrance fee and/or to visit it by booking a tour through the shop at the Park Ravne 2 (we did that).

    You can reach a part with a normal car, the last part you have to walk. With a Jeep or something like that you can drive all the way there.

    The easiest way is to follow the signs to the Pyramid of the Sun. Then you drive straight ahead at the road signs where you can park, towards the top of the Pyramid of the Sun. At a certain moment you can go somewhere to the left. If you follow that road you’ll end up at a fence and you’ll see a house in the distance.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from just before the gate where you can park your car: 1.

    What can you see here?

    Grass and fairly flat land.

    There is also a fire pit to be seen.

    Furthermore, you have views of other Pyramids, including the Pyramid of the Sun.

    What did I think of the Pyramid of Love and the pyramid energy?

    When I was there it was raining and I stayed briefly on this Pyramid. It felt like a calm, quiet place.

    Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon

    The Pyramid of the Dragon is 90 metres high.


    You can only walk here. You can hear minarets.

    Difficulty in walking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the foot up: 4. From the school (at the bottom of the foot of the Pyramid) it is  about 30 minutes up to the top if you walk mindful and quiet and have occasional viewing pause holds. There are steep walks, good walking shoes and walking sticks are handy. Tip: do not go if it has rained or rains: it is very slippery. The walking route is not indicated (therefore a guide can be useful, you can book a guide in advance from Park Ravne 2).

    What can you see here?

    The pyramid of the Dragon consists of forest. At the top it is possible to meditate. In the video below you get an impression of the Pyramid of the Dragon:

    What did I think of the Pyramid of the Dragon and the pyramid energy?

    When I was there it rained and I stayed short on this pyramid. The energy felt dynamic, creative and woody.

    Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon: the Plateau (Dragon’s Nest)


    You can take the car in the direction of the plateau and park your car at the bottom. The plateau (and Dragon’s Nest) is located on private property: going to the plateau costs E5,- per person. You can contact Sead Fatic if you want to visit his place.

    Moeilijkheidsgraad (1 is eenvoudig en 5 zeer uitdagend) vanaf de parkeerplaats: 2. Je moet een trap lopen. Vanaf de voet is het ongeveer 4 minuten bewust wandelen naar het plateau. Zorg voor wandelschoenen of schoenen met een goed profiel: vooral het aflopen van het plateau kan glad zijn. Soms zijn er geiten / schapen (en zijn er uitwerpselen van). De wandelroute staat niet aangegeven, maar spreekt voor zich (je neemt de trap en loopt naar boven).

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is easy and 5 very challenging) from the car park: 2. You have to climb stairs. From the foot, it is about a 4-minute walk to the plateau. Make sure you have hiking boots or shoes with a good tread: especially walking down the plateau can be slippery. Sometimes there are goats / sheep (and droppings). The walking route is not signposted, but is self-explanatory (you take the stairs and walk up).

    What can you see here?

    On the plateau there is a stone circle: in the middle there is one large stone, sometimes with a stone (ball).

    Furthermore, a small stone pyramid can be seen.

    There is also a stone ball to be seen.

    In addition, on the ground there are shapes made of stones.

    Bosnian Gems/7 mineral crystals

    There are also (precious) stones for sale on arrival, the photo below shows some of them.

    The stones mentioned above do not have an official name, but are called Bosnian Gems and “7 mineral crystals” because there are 7 minerals in them:

    1. Rock crystal
    2. Citrine
    3. Green Calcite
    4. Manganese Calcite
    5. Orange Calcite
    6. White Calcite
    7. Zoisite

    The seven mineral crystals come from the area of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Dragon. Some people have measured that these crystals have a high Bovis value (of at least 68,000). My experience with these crystals is positive: I have seen beautiful pieces with a fine energy.

    My highly sensitive sister in law Laura van der Beek and brother in law Bouke Jonker are owners of gemstone shop “Blije Buddha” in the Netherlands. You will be able to view these Bosnian/7 mineral crystals at their premises and purchase them online or ‘in real life’. Tip: contact them for the current status and the current offer.

    What did I think about the Pyramid of the Dragon Plateau?

    The energy on the plateau felt dynamic. I felt a lot of movement and dynamics. In the stone circle are all small stones. I found 2 stones that I held for a while: one stone felt soft and feminine (and connected to a female ascended master), the other stone felt very grounding. These 2 stones were for me the highlight of this visit. I also liked to feel the little ball in the middle of the stone circle :).

    Temple of Mother Earth

    The Temple of Mother Earth is about as high as the Pyramid of the Moon. On the sides of the Temple of Mother Earth there are two triangle shapes.


    You can only walk here. Tip: book in advance a guide of Park Ravne 2, who knows the way (and also where there are landmines and how to avoid them).

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the foot to the top: 5. The walking route is not signposted (go as indicated above with a guide and prevent you from walking the wrong way and coming into contact with landmines).

    You walk through the right part of the above picture up and down. It is a very steep part. Do not go:

    • If you have no experience with mountain hiking,
    • If it rains: it’s too slippery then.
    • If it rained: it’s too slippery then.
    • If you don’t know where landmines are.

    Attention: don’t walk down the other way: if you walk wrong, you will walk into the landmine area.

    It is useful to walk with walking shoes and to walk with walking sticks.

    What can you see here?

    The temple consists of forest.

    At the top of the temple are small boulders.

    On the left side of the temple (which you can see on the top picture, under the heading ‘Temple of Mother Earth’) excavations have been done, but in principle nobody gets there because it is too steep. On this side there also seem to be holes / some kind of caves. During the war this side of the temple was often walked to go to Sarajevo. They advised here not to walk in the dark, because it was too dangerous (because of these holes).

    There is a viewpoint for the summit. From the viewpoint you can see all the pyramids: the Pyramid of the Moon, the Pyramid of the Sun and the Pyramid of Love:

    and the Pyramid of the Dragon:

    On the west top you see a circle, people often meditate here.

    You can walk on from this circle. At a certain moment the path disappears in the bushes. About 100 meters before day the path disappears there is another place to meditate.

    In this video you get an impression of the Temple of Mother Earth:

    What did Mathijs think of it?

    Mathijs found the hike very strenuous, but for most people it is not recommended because it is very steep.

    Mathijs liked the viewpoint very much.

    Mathijs meditated on the summit. Mathijs felt oneness. Mathijs worked here with New Earth energy and he came to the conclusion that we should live in more harmony with the earth and nature. He liked the energy of the Temple of Mother Earth.

    Labyrinth Ravne Tunnels


    The first time you want to visit this labyrinth of tunnels you have to do this with an existing guide and buy a donation ticket: this guided tour takes about 45 minutes. You do not need to book a guide in advance. We did the tour in a small group; there were 2 other visitors. After you have done a guided tour, you can buy a meditation ticket, so you can spend one hour in the tunnel and meditate.

    It is often touristy and relatively busy here. Tip: visit the tunnels when it’s quiet (for example when there are no large buses in front of the door), sometimes this is for example 1,5 hours before closing time.

    In the tunnels it is about 11-12 degrees Celsius; wear layers of clothing so you have a pleasant time.

    You can find here more information about the Ravne Tunnels and the labyrint.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging)
    from the parking lot: 1. Put on a helmet and make sure that when you enter/exit the Tunnels you bend. In the Tunnels there are regular signs where the exit is.


    • In the tunnels a frequency of 28 kHz is measured.
    • Some ‘stones’ contain a specific energy, such as the Schumann resonance.

    What’s there to see?

    It is thought that some of the tunnels were built some 32,000 years ago and others 12,000 years ago. It is unclear how these tunnels were built (also because there were no flashlights at the time). The material removed from the tunnels was found on the Pyramid of the Sun: it is thought to have been used as building material.

    The tunnels were filled with stones about 4600/5000 years ago. The filling is now called a drywall:

    During the tour we saw several ‘megalithes’ called K’s. These are a kind of large ‘stones’ that consist of a mixture of calcite and quartz. Research has shown that these K’s are handmade. On megalith K-1, for example, were symbols such as arrows, pointing towards the Pyramid of the Sun.

    The Pyramid of the Sun is 2.9 km. from the tunnel. The (rest of the) meaning of the symbols is not yet known. K-1 is above 2 underground watercourses.

    Further we saw megalith K-2. This is artificially made of quartz, calcite and Moskovite. It is thought that this megalith helps to produce more oxygen. By megalith K-2 you are invited to keep your hands about ten centimetres above megalith K-2. It is said that K-2 resonates with electromagnetic fields and the Schumann resonance. Near the stone It felt relaxed to me, when I kept my hands above the ‘stone’ they became warm.

    There are also rooms in the tunnel. Many rooms are called meditation rooms. One room is called ‘healingroom’.

    In the ‘healing chamber’ a relatively high number of negative ions in the air was measured. For example, an average office in the city centre has an average of 25-100 negative ions per cubic centimetre. In the Ravne tunnels 18,000 to 40,000 negative ions per cubic centimetre were measured.

    It is sometimes thought that negative ions can help to:

    • Increase the flow of oxygen to the brain
    • Get oxygen faster into cells and tissues
    • Increase the serotonin level
    • Stimulate the Reticulo endothelial system
    • Clean the air of fungi, dust and pollen

    Some people:

    • Feel this makes them more alert
    • Feel this makes them less sleepy
    • Experience more mental energy
    • Are able to deal better with depression
    • Are able to deal easier with stress
    • Have the idea that their resistance to disease will increase
    • Have the idea that allergy related symptoms and respiratory disease (such as asthma and bronchitis) can improve

    Negative ions are an addition to regular health care (not a replacement): always consult a medical doctor in case of complaints.

    In addition, in some places in the tunnel you can see places with water.

    It has been measured that the water has a Bovis value of 28,000. Dr. Emoto also researched this water and discovered harmonious water crystals. Some people claim to benefit from this water, which is sold in the souvenir shop.

    In autumn I see and smell mold and mushrooms in the tunnels. I don’t know what the effect of this is on people. In general it is not healthy for people to be in a mouldy environment.

    What did I think of it?

    The tour:
    We were kindly helped by English speaking guides with a red T-shirt. I thought it was a pity that it was so touristy, I was glad that we were given a tour with a small group of people. I liked to experience the energy in the tunnels and I want to go here more often!

    I meditate in the tunnels. It’s wonderfully quiet. In the ‘healing room’ I observe the builders of the tunnels and supporting light beings. I notice that this room can help to heal energy, such as limiting emotions or thoughts.

    I also notice that the meditation room where the Schumann resonance is feels quieter than the ‘healing room’. In addition, Mathijs and I are discovering more meditation rooms and an Orb room that we didn’t see during the tour. The further you go into the tunnel, the fewer people you see and hear. We meditated quietly.

    I notice that each meditation room has its own unique energy that can support you in different aspects.

    In summary: I can imagine that HSP can benefit from a low-stimulation (silent and dark) environment such as a cave. Furthermore I can imagine that HSP can benefit from negative ions.

    After this visit I often go to the tunnel because it feels good for me, until I found the fungus and mushrooms.

    Park Ravne 2


    Approximately 25 metres below the entrance to the tunnels is the Park Ravne 2, a kind of large energetic garden. You can walk from the parking lot of the tunnels to this park. You can also take the car down a bit and park near this park. You have to walk down a stairway / slope to walk. The park is relatively flat, you can also choose to walk in the hills.

    Lightworkers all over the world have made power places here.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the parking lot: 1. There is no hiking route indicated: you can walk where you want to go.

    What do I think about Park Ravne 2?

    I love it!

    My favorites are in random order;

    1. Energy earth bio energetic spiral
    This is a place where three energetic spirals are present:

    • Two spirals (marked with blue stones) help to connect to the cosmos. These spirals move to the left, counterclockwise and help to give energy to the earth.
    • Another spiral (marked with a red/orange stone) helps to connect with the earth. This spiral moves to the right, clockwise and helps to get energy from the earth.

    2. Aura field amplifier
    This is a stone circle built on the basis of the golden section and sacred geometry. There is an underground stream of water. Under each stone there is a crystal, on a plate it is indicated that there is a balance between male and female crystals. The stone with the most energetic potential lies in the middle. I think this amplifier has a nice energetic center. A sign indicates that this place has the most energy potential in the park, it has a Bovis value of 50,000. It is recommended to walk clockwise and be present in the amplifier for a maximum of 10 minutes.

    3. A part of the small Lemniscate

    4. Spiral Vibrational Botanical Garden/Spiral Aromatic and healing Garden
    This is a kind of herb garden made in spiral form. There grows lavender, basil, lemon balm, rosemary and thyme. I find it very inspiring that a vegetable garden can look like this!

    Click here for more information about the program of Park Ravne 2.

    Tumulus ‘Hram Vratnica’

    Tumulus in Vratnica is thought to be an artificial conical hill. Usually such a hill is found on a prehistoric grave. Sometimes it is thought that the Tumulus is a gateway to the Bosnian pyramids.


    Tumulus can be reached by car. It is partly signposted. Walking from the car/along you can see it at a certain moment; it is a hill with yellow rocks.

    You can park next to it and walk up the hill (34 meters up, seen from the ground). Walking to the top costs 5 KM per adult person, there might be a possibility there is guide which you can pay to join you. Next to Tumulus is a cemetery, it didn’t bother me.

    Level of difficulty in hiking

    (1 is simple and 5 very challenging) from the parking lot: 2 (you have to walk stairs). The walk from the parking lot to the top takes about 7,5 minutes if you walk quietly and take breaks. The walking route is not indicated, but speaks for itself (you follow the path up).

    View here more information about Tumulus.


    • On the top of the Tumulus is an energy ray of 28 kHz measured.
    • On top of the Tumulus is a Bovis value of 50,000 measured.
    • It has been measured that there are tunnels under the Tumulus. It is thought that these tunnels are connected to the pyramids.
    • At 54-56 meters underground concrete was found (a possible ceiling), at 56-59 meters underground a hollow space was found (possibly a room), at 59-61 meters underground concrete was found (possibly a foundation), at 61-70 meters underground natural sandstone layers were found.

    What’s there to see?

    Different types of rocks can be seen: megalithes, which consist of 2 layers: concrete and clay. It is thought that the artificial geopolymer cement was used as a binding agent. You can see huge blocks and yellowish rocks that alternate. In the video below I share an impression:

    When we were there it was very quiet; Mathijs and I were the only visitors.

    What did I think of Tumulus and the energy?

    Nice! I noticed that this place is a kind of energetic ‘bridge’ and can help to experience connection between heaven and earth. I also noticed that this place can help to experience more clarity.

    Mystery of The Bosnian Pyramids (movie)

    The Mystery of The Bosnian Pyramids is a serie (it contains 12 parts) that explores the mystery of the Bosnian pyramids. Update: at the moment (June 19th 2019) this serie is not visible via YouTube.

    What did I think of it?

    The quality of the image is low, I found it unpleasant to read large yellow letters English subtitles. I found the background music a bit distracting now and then. I also found the tempo a bit slow now and then. Still I found some interesting parts in it, especially the part about the earth grid.

    Do you want to see more? Pyramid Sunca also has its own YouTube channel BosnianPyramidsTV.

    Summary: do the Pyramids really exist or are they a hoax?

    Some people experience everything at the Pyramids and some experience nothing. Some call it a hoax. A translation of hoax is ‘fake’. What others experience and think is not important: I advise you as a HSP to visit the above places yourself and to feel what is right for you.

    The Pyramids and the related places mentioned above have brought me a lot. My favorites are:
    1. Pyramid of the Moon (the center)
    2. Ravne Tunnels (when there were no mold/mushrooms)
    3. A shared location: Tumulus (the top) and Pyramid of the Sun (the center)
    4. The power places on the cemetery

    The other places (the Pyramid of the Dragon and the Pyramid of Love) have also given me a lot of insight. I am grateful and happy that I have visited the Pyramids and related places and I want to go here more often.

    Bosnia pyramid journey

    Sometimes trips are organized to the pyramids. Do you want to do this as a HSP? I advise you to follow your intuition and, for example, to choose a small group.

    Stara pravoslavna crkva (an old orthodox church)

    This is the oldest orthodox church in the Balkans. It is thought that the church was built in the 12th century. The first writings about the church date from 1539. The church is linked to Archangels Michael and Gabriel.


    It is not allowed to take pictures in the church. You also need to be quiet in the church. You can visit the church for free. On the outside wall it says that you can follow a free audio tour on your Smartphone.

    You can also visit the museum: this costs 3 KM per person at the time of writing this blog. There is also a souvenir shop and a small garden.

    Mula Mustafe Bašeskije 59, Sarajevo 71000. It is about 200 metres from the old Baščaršija district. Parking can be a challenge here! More information about this church can be found at Tripadvisor.

    What can you see here?

    Outside on the church are pictures of Mother Mary and Archangel Michael.

    In the church was music and incense. Furthermore, there were many icons to see. There is also a stone ‘mosaic’ circle on the ground floor: you see a stone circle with some ‘rays’ around it. Here you can find some photos of the inside of the church.

    What did I think of Stara pravoslavna crkva?

    The church:
    The energy felt ecclesiastical. Some people observe an energy vortex in the middle of the mosaic circle. The energy in the middle of the mosaic circle felt firm and very grounding. For me, the energy in the church did not feel typically like Archangel Michael: the energy in the church felt relatively soft and somewhat feminine to me.

    Tips for visiting Stara pravoslavna crkva:

    • Stay well with your own energy, so that you do not lose yourself in the energy of the church and the history of this church.
    • Is it quiet? Then stand in the middle of the ‘mosaic circle’.

    Map with the Bosnian Pyramids & other power spots:

    Below you will find a Dutch map where you can easily find pyramids (purple marked) and related places. You will also find 2 catering establishments (marked orange). Below the map I share more about this.


    Below you will find several tips for when you go to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    General tips:

    • In low season (instead of high season) and on weekdays (instead of weekends) you can visit places of interest: it’s quieter then.
    • Bosnia and Herzegovina does not belong to the EU. For example, you can arrange a Sim-Card. On Fandom and Finder you can find information about this. I used a Tourist SIM via BH Telecom.
    • Do your shopping during the day, before the sun goes down.
    • Do strangers ask where you sleep/what your address or name is, for example in the supermarket?  Do not answer this kind of questions for safety reasons.
    • The temperatures can be hot. For example, visit sights outside early in the morning or late in the afternoon.
    • It’s useful to always have some cash with you,
    • Not everyone speaks English. First ask if people speak English. Sometimes people say “yes”, but do they mean “a little” or “no” and do not say this. For example, some people say they want to talk to you later then (and/or: “I’m tired”).
    • Locals sometimes throw their waste into nature. Plastic and such things are bad for the environment. For example, it can end up in groundwater and in animals. Throw your waste away in places where you see a trash can: sometimes this is challenging to find. You can often find it in the city centre, for example at hotels.
    • Check the travel advice and additional tips from your Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

    Practical tips if you have/want a car:

    • When you cross the border, make sure you have a ‘green card’ for the car insurance.
    • Sometimes waste is burned along the road, which can stink. You can adjust the aeration system in the car to that.
    • It is handy to have a Jeep of something similar; some roads are (partially) unpaved.
    • Keep to the speed; there’s a lot of checking going on.

    Specific tips for when you are a HSP:

    HSP are extra open to incentives. These tips will help you further:

    • In Bosnia and Herzegovina some things are different than in the Netherlands. There are minarets (towers belonging to mosques which are sharing their prayer calls through loud speakers), street dogs, (sometimes lean) workhorses and shepherds with goats/sheep to be seen. Be prepared for this and stay well with yourself, so you avoid getting upset by stimuli!
    • Listen to your intuition!
      -In the past (until 1995) there has been a war in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sometimes this can still be seen in buildings. Sometimes I noticed that the war had a big impact on people. Keep in mind that there are still land mines and you can’t walk everywhere. By the way, you may hear shots: this is from hunters.
      -Some people don’t have much money and see tourists as a walking wallet. Keep this in mind; maybe you feel that someone wants something from you?

    Vegan and gluten-free food in Bosnia and Herzegovina

    HSP often have a heart for animals. I eat almost vegan. Via you can find vegan eateries and shops. Some also have gluten-free options, such as:

    Marshall’s Gelato (has vegan and gluten free ice cream)

    Marshall’s Gelato Facebook page and Marshall’s Gelato Instagram account
    Address; Kulovića 9, Sarajevo
    Mathijs and I ate gluten-free and vegan ice cream in different flavours. Parking by car was a challenge, the ice was fine!
    Tip: check the current opening hours via the website. At the moment of writing these are: Monday – Saturday 7:30-23:30 hrs, Sunday 8:00-23:00 hrs.

    Zdravo (this is a vegan bistro that also sells some vegan products)

    Zdravo Website (Bosnian), Zdravo Instagram Account and YouTube video (in Bosnian).
    Address: Dzemala Bijedica 160 F Sarajevo (if you arrive by car you will see an apartment building on your right with the letter A. You drive in this direction. Then follow the bend to the right. Then you’ll see an apartment building with the letter E: go there (you turn right 3 times).  At the right side you see a café: next to it is Zdravo. Zdravo is between the blocks of flats, opposite the kids playground).

    Tip: check current opening hours, for example via the website. At the time of writing these are: Monday – Saturday 12:00-20:00 hours.

    Mathijs and I ate a spinach soup and burger here.

    I liked it!

    Furthermore, there is water that you can get.

    We took home some cakes: also very tasty!

    Useful to know as a HSP: the radio/music is on and sometimes you hear the blender working hard.

    Gluten-free shops

    I also discovered through Schär that some Mercator’s, Bingo’s and DM’s (Drogerie Market) and sometimes also other stores sell gluten-free and sometimes also soy-free products.

    About Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

    We are Femke and Mathijs: a Dutch couple and we are both highly sensitive and highly intuitive/paranormal. We feel a non-physical presence beyond the visible site and we are very interested in spirituality and sacred places.

    At a moment we felt like there was more in life than our comfort-zone in The Netherlands. We followed our hearts. We sold our house in The Netherlands. We disposed of almost all our stuff and we live like digital nomads. We travel the world since 2017 with our dog Juultje (born in 2022) and we go wherever we want.

    While we are traveling we are also helping highly sensitive and paranormal persons to discover their divine calling and soul purpose and live it, so they can feel alive too.

    Maybe you would also like to read:

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