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Make your dreams come true with Ascended Master Kuthumi

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    Kuthumi was born at the beginning of the 19th century in Kashmir. He lived a fairly withdrawn life. He studied at various universities. Soon after, he spent his life in the Lama Monastery in ShiGatse.

    Actually, very little is known about him and there are therefore some different stories.

    When I tune in to him, it is clearly felt that Ascended Master Kuthumi shaped his own teachings and spread these teachings out of love. According to various sources, he did this to his most devoted students. This makes some sense because this energy corresponds well with the quality that Ascended Master Kuthumi imparts in the meditations.

    What does Kuthumi help with?

    • Focusing from love on your ideas and dreams
    • Be successful with projects and dreams
    • Give love to your dreams
    • Manifesting ideas and giving them firmness
    • Accelerating the flow of your dreams and ideas from unity consciousness
    Image source: Peter & Birgitte Fich Christiansen

    Channeling Kutumi

    “Dear all,

    It makes sense to tell that more is needed in the world than just love. Love grows when you pay attention to it. Without attention it will be impossible to turn this love into creations.

    Loving attention is needed to shape your dreams / ideas. Living from the heart means that you automatically create from love at every moment. It is a tribute to yourself to create, feel and experience from this love how love gradually changes the world around you.

    It is focus from love that ensures that we automatically know what may happen. Our deepest desires with which we came to earth may be given the space and attention to sprout, so that our love can flow and we live according to our own free will.

    Peaceful regards,


    Meditation with Kuthumi

    Follow the steps below to meditate with Kuthumi. Have you never meditated? Read this information about meditation first.

    Kuthumi meditation practice:

    • Step 1: Think in advance about where you want to have some support (for example in your life/in yourself).
    • Step 2: Close your eyes and ask for loving unity energy and protection.
    • Step 3: Ask the following: “Kuthumi let the energy that supports me in ………… (what you have thought of beforehand) flow through me.
    • Step 4: Then focus your attention on the back of your head, near your neck and allow the energy of Kuthumi to enter there.
    • Step 5: Any beliefs that are inconsistent with your dream are touched. That can sometimes feel a bit intense. Observe and let the energy do its work until it calms down again. When your body is filled with the energy you can proceed to step 6.
    • Step 6: Visualize a golden flower near your heart growing a strand down into the earth.
    • Step 7: Hold this image or allow the dynamics of the energy to ground the visualization.
    • Step 8: Depending on your question, it may be that the golden light spreads over the earth or that it takes up a very concentrated place.
    • Step 9: When you notice that the visualization is finished, finish the meditation.
    • Step 10: Gently move your finger, hands, toes and feet.
    • Step 11: Open your eyes.

    Good luck!

    Do you want to experience the cosmic energy of Kuthumi?

    Then connect to the energy card below for 6 minutes and let the energy flow. You can connect by first looking at the map for half a minute and then closing your eyes. 

    Master Kuthumi

    Do you want to know more about Kuthumi?

    Contact Mathijs.

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