Ascended masters or enlightened masters are people who have lived here on earth or on another planet and have reached their ascension. Ascension means ‘enlightenment’. If you are enlightened you are well connected to your light (your core, your soul) and live from that light. 

People who have reached enlightenment are also called ‘master’. Because some masters have chosen not to return physically to earth (but to help on earth), they are also called ‘ascended’ or ‘ascended’ masters.

Ascended Master explanation in a video!

In this video Femke de Grijs interviews me about high sensitivity and Ascended Masters. In this video you will discover more about what those masters exactly are what can you do with them. If you prefer to read, check out the text below the video.

Although the video is Dutch, the video has subtitels:

  • Press on the play and pause button.
  • Press on the subtitle button. If this does not work:
  • Click the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video player to display the video player settings.
  • Expand the combo box next to Subtitles/CC.
  • Click the desired subtitle language to begin displaying subtitles. The video is manually translated in to English (so the translation is okay), YouTube translates the video automatically to other languages (I am not sure if the quality of the translation is okay then).

Ascended masters names and examples

Jesus and Buddha are well-known ascended masters. There are also lesser known ascended masters. Each master has his/her own quality.

Some examples of qualities that ascended masters have:

  • Boeddha: meditation
  • Djwhal Khul: increasing self-confidence
  • Hilarion: helping you to heal
  • Jesus: opening your heart to love
  • Kuthumi: making dreams come true
  • Lady Nada: improving relationships
  • Lady Portia: solving karma
  • Masters of Atlantis: solving old blockages
  • Maria Magdalena: forgiveness
  • Saint Germain: mastering new earth energy

ascended masters jesus, Buddha and kuan yin

What can you do with ascended masters?

You can use the ascended masters as a source of inspiration in your life. For example, you can meditate on them and with them. If you start meditating, you will experience the different qualities of energy that the masters carry with them. At some point in the meditation the person, (the master) can ‘fall away’ and you can only experience the energy behind it, such as that of joy or unconditional love.

In this way you can acquire qualities of energy with the help of the ascended masters. You can also connect with this Masters via other ways, for example via Ascension Tools from Ascension Europe.

Do you want to know more?

Enlightened masters help you, among other things, to clarify your mission and to live it. In my help you will discover how you (as a HSP), can connect with enlightened masters and learn how they can support you in solving blockages that get in the way of your mission to life. Click here for more information on how I can help you.

About Mathijs van der Beek

I help high-sensitive people to discover their mission and to live it. I do this together with Ascended Masters.

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