Everything is energy. Disturbances or blockages of energy can cause accumulations or shortages of energy in various places, which can manifest as physical, emotional and/or mental complaints (this can sometimes be diagnosed as a disease).

Healing can take place in various ways. Surgeons often heal the body by literally cutting into it (via surgery). There are also other forms of healing. For example, regular psychologists often work on healing on a mental level. Usually, healing refers to a healing that balances your soul (spiritual core), thoughts, emotions and body. Here you will find more forms of healing.

Effects of healing

The effects on the physical, emotional and mental level of the client can be noticed immediately or in the long term (for instance after several sessions). Symptoms may decrease and possibly disappear.

However, it is a great misunderstanding that healing always means a literal cure, that the cause of the illness is removed and the complaint 100% disappears. Although this is possible, it is not the goal of healing: the goal of healing is to bring someone back into contact with himself/herself and to let his/her soul energy flow optimally again. So that someone is comfortable again, and can deal with what is present.

Therefore, always consult a doctor in case of complaints: healing is a form of alternative health care and an addition to regular care (it is not a replacement).

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Giving or receiving healing?

You can either give or receive healing.

If you want to give a healing, it is advisable to follow a good training in this. In this way you can prevent yourself from getting exhausted during or after giving a healing and the person you are giving the healing to will feel worse instead of better. Someone who is professionally trained to give healing is called a healer.

What is a healing session?

A healing session is a contact moment in which healing takes place; a healer gives healing to the receiver. This can take place in real life, but also at a distance.

Usually a healing session takes place individually (1 on 1), but it can also take place in a group. Usually this is called group healing.

Are you looking for a healer or healing training? Tips:

Choose a healing education that;

  • Feels comfortable. Each way of healing resonates with a different energy/frequency; choose something that makes you happy. The energy of healing also works ‘at a distance’, therefore a healing (training) can be given in real life and online.

Forms of healing

Healing can take place in all kinds of ways and can consist of various steps. A well-known form of healing is Reconnective Healing. Find out more about it below and go to:

Energy Healing/Esoteric Healing

Another form of healing is Energy healing (formerly: Esoteric healing). This is given among others by the NNEH (Nederlands Netwerk Energy Healing) and INEH (International Network for Energy Healing).

Energy Healing is based on the ideas of Ascended Master Djwal Kuhl. Djwal Kuhl is also called ‘Tibetan’. He has lived on earth before, and is thought to have reincarnated earlier than King Caspar (one of the three saints who gave Jesus a gift), philosopher Confucius and philosopher Lao Tse (also called Laozi).

An Energy Healing therapist is trained to perceive energy and imbalance. The healing is focused on discovering the causes of the complaints, rather than fighting the symptoms.

The therapist’s intention is to trigger the self-healing capacity of the client, so that their soul energy can flow to where it is needed. No energy is added to or taken from the energy of the therapist. In contrast to Quantum Touch the client is not touched, but work is done at ‘distance’ (this can also be done literally from different parts of the world).

Energy Healing experiences

Femke: “I followed the course Energy Healing, it taught me how I could work consciously and practically with energy. I found it a real ‘do- and experience’ training. Later I discovered that there are many more ways to heal.

For example, in this training soul consciousness was very central; there are also other forms of consciousness that can be very effective for healing. I also missed learning to work deeply with light beings.”

Healing in lucid dreams

Lucid dreams are dreams in which you are aware that you are dreaming while your body is asleep. You are face to face with your unconscious. Here you can engage in healing on a profound unconscious level.

There are many misconceptions about lucid dreaming. Click here to learn more about lucid dreaming>>>

Primordial Light Healing

About 1 in 5 people is a highly sensitive person (HSP) and recognises themselves in these HSP characteristics. HSP Mathijs van der Beek developed  Primordiaal Light Healing (in Dutch: Oerlicht Healing); HSP can receive and learn to give this and benefit from it.

High Sensitivity and Healing

Some people see high sensitivity as a disease, or as something you have to get rid of; this is a misunderstanding. High sensitivity is a quality, but can be a burden if it is not well managed yet. Maybe you are easily over-stimulated or tired as a HSP. Healing can support you in this, but it is not the solution.

It is a misunderstanding that high sensitivity problems can be solved by someone else such as a healer. Some HSP for instance become dependent on a healer.

If you suffer from high sensitivity problems, you have to start working with yourself.

Animal healing

Healing can be applied to humans, but also to other living beings such as animals.

Ascension Tools

Ascension Tools are glass light instruments/products that resonate with the energy of Atlantis. They can easily be used to give a healing, for example to adults, children and animals. Some HSPs use them to shield themselves better and to stop being bothered by entities or electromagnetic radiation.

Voice of Ascension Europe

What is a healing environment?

A healing environment is an environment that has the intention to support people both professionally and privately and to prevent complaints such as stress. Physically, emotionally and mentally. Just think of:

  • people in a hospital. The term is best known for its use in healthcare.
  • a family in a house.
  • employees in an office.

A healing environment can consist of elements that can also be found in nature, such as:

  • photos of nature
  • plants (preferably real ones (instead of artificial ones)
  • silence
  • an electrosmog free environment (internet on a cable, instead of WIFI)
  • clean air
  • daylight
  • special colors (such as green)

It can also consist of:

  • inspirational magazines in a waiting room
  • a ‘waiting line’ so that people feel they have privacy

About Femke de Grijs

I travel the world together with my partner Mathijs. This is a dream come true!

For a long time travelling was not possible for me. This was because my body was out of balance and I had not yet mastered my high sensitivity. When my body was treated well and I learned to control and use my high sensitivity as a force, I blossomed.

Since 2007 I have been helping highly sensitive women. I have a background as an Applied Psychologist and I teach them how they can feel alive. I have a holistic point of view and I help highly sensitive women with my own developed, unique method.

I have reached millions of people and I helped thousands of highly sensitive people. I gladly share my success formulas with you, so you can flourish too! Click here for more information about how I can help you.

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