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Who is Ascended Master Sandanda or Jesus?

Jesus is a very famous Ascended Master. Other names for Jesus are:

  • Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus was born in Bethlehem. Joseph and Mary (Jesus’ parents) lived in Nazareth, which is why Jesus is sometimes called ‘Jesus of Nazareth’.
  • Jesus Christ , this is because Jesus carried Christ energy with him. This energy puts you in touch with the energy of unconditional love that makes you feel:
    • that you are allowed to be here on earth
    • that you are love
    • that you are loved
  • Sananda/lord Sananda.

The Life of Jesus on Earth

Much has been written about the life of Jesus, and many different views can be found about him.

Jesus was connected to unity consciousness throughout his life. He recognized that we all come from the same source and the connection to the source is always there. In connection with the source we do not feel separate from each other, but we feel one with others.

ascended master jesus light

In other words, you could say that you and the other are the same. From unity consciousness, Jesus recognized karmic patterns and dynamics. These are (sometimes limiting) patterns and dynamics passed on by your ancestors/parents or the society into which you are born as a human being. Jesus has brought relief from limiting patterns and helped people to break free from structures such as :

  • ‘class’ (e.g. between ‘rich’ or ‘poor’).
  • discrimination, for example between men or women. For example, Jesus taught women, something unusual at the time.
  • repeating limiting choices in life.
  • limiting beliefs, so you can let go those kind of beliefs. Sananda shows you that you have a free choice if you dare to let go of limiting patterns.

What does Jesus help with?

Jesus helps you not to get stuck in the past, but to be able to make choices in the Now (from a sense of freedom) . He helps you to recognize your own light.

Jesus helps you further:

  • against struggle, so that you experience harmony.
  • to be loving to yourself.
  • to connect with yourself and others so that you feel good.
  • to accept yourself and others.
  • to release old patterns.

Jesus can help anyone who is open to it; you don’t need to have a religion.

Sananda channeling (a message from Jesus)

jesus photo frame

I made this channeling by tuning into the energy of Ascended Master Jesus during meditation. The words literally flow through me for a large part, interspersed with a feeling of love and wisdom that I may convert into words.

Jesus: “Dear people,

Peace on earth, that’s what I help Mathijs with. The energy with which we do that is the energy of wholeness. Where the illusion of duality is still everyday “reality” you may meet the place where there is only love. We do this together with ascended master meditations, but also with lectures so that the energy of the 5th dimension is put down on earth.

The time when we took you to our dimension is over. It is now time to put the loving energy on earth. Experiencing this energy says more than 1000 words 

Do you want to know more about Sananda?

Contact Mathijs.

About Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

We are Femke and Mathijs: a Dutch couple and we are both highly sensitive and highly intuitive/paranormal. We feel a non-physical presence beyond the visible site and we are very interested in spirituality and sacred places.

At a moment we felt like there was more in life than our comfort-zone in The Netherlands. We followed our hearts. We sold our house in The Netherlands. We disposed of almost all our stuff and we live like digital nomads. We travel the world since 2017 with our dog Juultje (born in 2022) and we go wherever we want.

While we are traveling we are also helping highly sensitive and paranormal persons to discover their divine calling and soul purpose and live it, so they can feel alive too.

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