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Transform suffering into love? Buddha supports you!

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    Buddha is an Ascended Master. He helps you to transform suffering, uncertainty, doubt and fear into a loving and joyful life.

    Who is Siddhartha Gautama? About the life of Buddha:

    There are several Buddha’s. A famous Buddha is Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in Lumbini; a village in Nepal. He was born, according to scientific research, 623 years BC. His father was a king. He grew up within the walls of the palace, without coming into contact with suffering.

    After 29 years he came outside the walls of the palace where he first saw people suffering (for example people with hunger, poor and death people). He decided to go on a quest and find out the cause of the suffering.


    After a 6-year search, Siddhartha achieved “enlightenment”. This happened during his meditation under the Bodhi tree. Here he gained insight into the cause of suffering. From then on he was called Gautama Buddha which means: enlightened or awakened one.

    Gautam Buddha teachings: the Four Noble Truths

    The first teaching Siddhartha Gautama Buddha gave was about the Four Noble Truths:

    1. Life consists of suffering. You can get what you don’t want such as old age, illnesses, sadness, death etc.
    2. There is a cause of this suffering, related to desire, aversion and ignorance.
    3. The cessation (truth of disappearance) of suffering. Letting go of, among other things, status, prestige or profession and focus on:
      – equanimity
      – compassion
      – loving kindness (for example through mettã meditation)
      – shared joy
    4. The Path to the Elimination of Suffering is the 8-Fold Path .

    These four noble truths provide insight into transcending suffering. Meanwhile, these four truths have been translated to the west in different ways so that it is more easily understood and better suited to the current culture / time.

    The Changing Energy of Buddha

    Also Ascended Masters are still evolving, even after attaining enlightenment. This changes their energy. Buddha’s energy is different from when he was on earth. The channeling below with Buddha comes from his “new” energy.

    Siddharta Gautama Buddha channeling 

    “Dear all,

    Love is the key to many answers. I have shared a lot on earth. About emptiness, silence, suffering and various other subjects. It is now time to allow new energy on Earth. I’ll help you with that.

    As I said, love is very important in that. I have connected with the energy of love. If you tune into me I can help you experience being loving. There are no words there, but is the presence of love.”

    What does Gautama Buddha’s energy help with?

    • Uncertainty, doubt
    • Fear
    • Suffering
    • Being Present
    Ascended Master Buddha

    When the energy of Buddha flows through you, you can easily dissolve blockages from yourself and others (if they want to and if they give you verbally permission). It gives insight into the illusions of the blockages and suffering, so that the energy flow of love can quickly start again. You can activate the Buddha energy in different ways. For example:

    1. With a meditation
    2. By activating the Buddha points (crown, heart to feet) on the body.

    The illusion on earth

    Sometimes you get so caught up in life that you  forget  that we are made of love. The incredible strong power of love makes all problems (suffering) disappear, making you feel strong and connected again. Your heart opens and certainty flows.

    Meditation exercise with the “new” Buddha energy:

    1. Have you never meditated? Read this information about meditation first.
    2. Sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
    3. Take the time to observe your breathing.
    4. If you notice your breath becoming slower and quieter, ask Buddha to help you tune into the energy of stillness.
    5. Focus on your heart (just in front of your body + 3 cm up for the Buddha consciousness point).
    6. Let the energy flow throughout your body.
    7. Keep the focus on your heart.
    8. Be present in being love (5 minutes or so).
    9. Finish the meditation by slowly moving your hands and feet.
    10. Open your eyes and sit for a while.
    11. Drink some water.

    Good luck!

    Mantra with Buddha energy

    tibetan mantras for turbulent times deva premal

    A mantra is a spell/word that is repeated many times. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the custom is that you repeat the spell 108 times. Doing a mantra has a positive effect on stress. The CD below contains Track 4 and the mantra ‘ Om muni muni muni mahamuni’ , which helps you to experience and integrate Buddha energy.

    Do you want to know more about Buddha?

    Contact Mathijs.

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