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Energetic support for COVID vaccination

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    If you are thinking about vaccination against COVID, it is good to make an informed choice. In this blog I will inform you about the choices and you will discover how you can support yourself energetically.

    Choice 1 – healthy living

    There are several studies that show that structural vitamin D use has a very positive influence on the course of COVID. The number of deaths would be drastically less. There are more options for strengthening your immune system, such as sufficient exercise, vitamin C, zinc, L-Lysine and other good nutrition. The chance of dying from COVID if you live healthy is very small. Exceptions to this are genetic factors that limit your immune response to this virus and underlying disease.

    Option 2 – vaccination

    In addition to a healthy life and strengthening your immune system, you can also opt for vaccination, because you feel that this is right for you, but perhaps also because you are asked for your work or because you experience social pressure.

    Side effects

    There are known side effects from the vaccine. This will be registered. At the moment, only the short-term effects are known. The long-term effects of 2, 5 and 10 years could not yet be investigated, because these vaccines have not been around long enough for that.

    Known side effects of the COVID vaccine are headache, dizziness, fever and a red spot at the puncture site. This is not only due to the antibodies that you will be producing, but also because your body removes additives from the system that are in the vaccine. In the UK they keep track of the side effects of the different vaccines. The UK government documents can be found here.

    If you are planning to have a COVID vaccination then I recommend supporting your body both before and after the vaccine. In this way you can reduce or prevent any complaints in the short and long term.

    In the text below I share a number of options that can support you. Feel for yourself what can help you.

    1) Primordial Light Healing

    With a Primordial Light Healing (Oerlicht Healing in Dutch) you can support your body to get rid of foreign substances. A Primordial Light Healing takes 10 minutes, because it is very strong. A Primordial Light Healing can be done from a distance.

    I recommend a Primordial Light Healing the day before the vaccination in preparation, in the hours after the vaccination and two weeks after. I recommend repeating this for two injections.

    As founder of Primordial Light Healing I also do group Primordial Light Healing where this can be received. For more information about Primordial Light Healing you can send me a message.

    Meditation energy card

    Ascended Masters and Angels are happy to support us. I have created a symbol that supports the energetic neutralization of the vaccine and have decided to make it available for free. You can look at the symbol and then do a 10 minute meditation with this energy.

    Step 1: Look at the symbol.
    Step 2: If you feel you are connected or after 30 seconds close your eyes.
    Step 3: Ask de Angels and Ascended Masters from your heart to support you.
    Step 4: Let the energy flow for 10 minutes.

    Repeat this for 3 times.
    1) Before vaccination
    2) Shortly after vaccination
    3) 1 week after vaccination

    If you have a second vaccination. Repeat the steps again.

    If you have problems caused by the vaccine you can meditate one week for 10 minutes a day.

    Other tips:

    • Drink enough water, preferably energized.
    • Do not make intensive efforts, but moderate effort so that your body gets rid of waste products through sweating, among other things.
    • Consider taking a sauna if you like.

    About Mathijs van der Beek

    Together with my partner Femke and dog Juultje (born in 2022) I love to travel.

    Together with Ascended Masters I help highly sensitive and paranormal lightworkers to find and live their divine soul- and life purpose. I am also the founder of Primordial Light Healing and I teach lightworkers how they can heal other people.

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