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What is the meaning of intuition & how can you develop and trust it?

    Door Femke de Grijs

    The word intuition comes from the Latin word ‘intueor’. This means ‘to contemplate, stare at or watch intently’. It is a way of perceiving: you can perceive something directly inwardly, without previous experience or reasoning. A synonym is a ‘hunch’, ‘gut feeling’ or ‘sixth sense’.

    Female intuition vs men’s intuition

    Sometimes people talk about female/feminine intuition, implying that there is also such a thing as a male variant. However: both men and women can perceive in this way. What is masculine and feminine is culture-specific.

    • Often intuition, like high sensitivity, is labelled as ‘soft’ or ‘feminine’ in Western Society. Especially many men are afraid of being labelled too soft or as ‘weak’. Therefore, they often suppress it. Suppressing who you are can (unconsciously) take a lot of energy and make you unhappy.
    • In Asia, highly sensitive and intuitive qualities are often more valued compared to the West.

    Slowly, this is also changing in Western society. This is related to the Aquarius era.

    Follow your intuition!

    You can use intuitive qualities for yourself, and also use it to help others:

    • Intuitive observations can be used as a compass: for instance, it can help you make choices that support you.
    • Intuitive observations can also give insight into what others (people or animals) need.
    • Wrong decisions or misunderstandings can be avoided with intuitive observations.
    • Listen to your intuitive observations helps you to feel good about yourself and to flourish, and to help other persons to flourish too.
    • Besides, you can do all kinds of other things with your intuitive observations, both in your private life (for example via intuitive drawing or painting) or work life (for instance during coaching). If you listen to your intuitive observations, this is sometimes referred to as ‘effective intuition’.

    Inn Saei – the power of intuition

    Many people live from their ratio/minds. But there is more than that: intuition! This Icelandic documentary Inn Saei explores it further and inspires you to listen to it.

    Watch the trailer here:

    I watched this documentary via Netflix.

    Intuition test

    Put 5 people next to each other and have them look at a painting, and they are likely to see different things. This is because everyone perceives in a unique way. The same applies to intuition; it is unique to each person.

    There are tests such as the Zenner test, where you can examine whether your intuition indicates which picture will follow. The ‘danger’ of these kinds of tests is that people can get ‘bogged down’ in the results. Some people may have a very strong intuition, but not on a ‘predictive image level’. Perhaps they are very good at sensing births, or ‘knowing’ what to say in a negotiation meeting. If such a test gives a ‘negative’ result, it doesn’t mean you don’t have strong intuition.

    You are the only one who can test whether your intuition is correct! For example, do you dream something that comes true later, have a premonition that it will rain within half an hour and this happens? Then see this as your ‘test’ and ‘evidence’.

    Intuition and high sensitivity

    Highly sensitive people (HSP) are extra open to stimuli. They often (unconsciously) already have strong intuition. If they do not master their high sensitivity well, they will usually not notice this. Impressions and stimuli can then get so mixed up that they get a full mind and notice few intuitive perceptions.

    Types of intuition

    Intuition is a perception; it can be a feeling but also, for example, an image. This can be very confusing, as intuitive feelings are quite often confused with emotions. Especially with highly sensitive people who have not yet mastered their high sensitivity, this can be the case. Perceptions of yourself and another person, and from the present, past and future can get mixed up. Therefore, learn to distinguish between wishful thinking, undermining negative thoughts and your intuition.

    Developing and trusting your intuition

    Like other skills, you can develop your intuition. In some people, this is already a highly developed quality by nature, in which case they are often referred to as having a strong intuition. Compare it to Mozart: he already naturally had a strong musical quality, which he developed further. By practising a lot, he reaped many rewards from this.

    So it is also the case with intuition. The more you develop this and learn to trust it, the more intuitive perceptions you will have. There are various ways how you can develop it. For example, some people do this by meditating. Either way, follow your gut if you want to find a way to develop it!

    Specifically for highly-sensitive people, it is important that they master their sensitivity so that they don’t get lost in stimuli around them. When you master your sensitivty, you can also distinguish perfectly what is your own or someone else’s energy, for example in terms of emotion. Intuitive impressions become clearer and stronger. It is then easier to develop it.

    Psychic intuition

    If intuition is developed very strongly, you can have paranormal perceptions. In the dutch Flair magazine, for example, I share more about my paranormal perceptions.

    Flair interviews Femke de Grijs obout high sensitivity

    Do you want to know more?

    WeI teach you more about this topic and how to strengthen it so that you can benefit from it. You are welcome to contact us.

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    About Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

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