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25 examples of paranormal activity & signs that you are psychic

    Door Femke de Grijs

    Have you ever had it: an experience that could not yet be explained scientifically such as seeing colours around people, or a premonition that later turned out to come true? Worldwide, this happens often. It could be related to paranormality.

    Paranormal activity

    Paranormal means ‘beyond the normal‘. Paranormal activity/experiences are also seen as ‘supernatural’: they involve acknowledging that there is more between heaven and earth.

    Paranormal phenomena are often seen as something ‘vague’ or alternative in the rational, down-to-earth West. After all, it cannot yet be scientifically proven. Something many people crave: after all, science provides ‘certainty’. The reality is, however, that scientific knowledge is growing and science is often behind the times: for example, the earth was long thought to be flat.


    Many people apply the ‘when it is not scientifically proven, it does not excist’ principle. Observations that are not so ‘standard’ or ‘normal’ are often brushed aside as ‘nonsense’. Many people who observe paranormal phenomena do not dare to talk about them because they feel they are not accepted:

    • Perhaps you are afraid that others will find you ‘different’ or weird and you are ashamed of your impressions?
    • Maybe you suppress it (e.g. because your environment has a religion that disapproves of paranormal perceptions)?

    Especially highly sensitive persons who have not yet mastered their high-sensitivity can be extra sensitive to the (unspoken) opinions/expectations of others and the ‘taboo atmosphere’ surrounding this topic. Especially if you are ‘living’ in your head a lot and are realistic by nature, paranormal perception can be challenging. Do you fret about whether or not to show your paranormality to the outside world? This can make you tired.

    Paranormal stories

    Fortunately, more and more about paranormal activity is slowly being shared in the media. ‘True’ or not ‘true’ (sometimes it involves magic tricks and entertainment); the fact remains that more attention is being paid to this subject.

    For instance, I talked about my paranormal observations in the dutch Magazines: Viva magazine, Vriendin, the Dutch magazine Flair and Belgian magazine Flair.

    Crazy Wise

    If you hear voices, have lucid dreams or visions or other paranormal perceptions, this is often labelled ‘crazy’ from Western culture (sometimes people are given all kinds of diagnoses such as depression). This is in contrast to other cultures.

    The film CrazyWise delves into this. Although I found the film very intense and confrontational, it is an absolute must-see if you are highly sensitive and you suffer from your sensitivity.. This is the film’s trailer:

    25 signs that you have psychic abilities

    Here are some examples of signs that may come with being paranormal. Just as painters and their talents are unique, paranormal gifts also vary from person to person.

    Psychic power

    What is a psychic gift?

    A gift (sometimes seen as a gift from the Cosmos or Source), is also called a quality or talent; there is aptitude to develop it further. If you master your psychic gift you can recognize yourself in these phenomena:

    Paranormal phenomenon 1. You hear sounds that others do not hear

    Paranormal phenomenon 2. You feel energy fields or auras
    You perceive colours in people or animals, for example.

    Paranormal phenomenon 3. You get information from an object
    For example you can receive information about the owner of the object.

    Psychic phenomenon 4. You have insight into the past and past lives

    Paranormal phenomenon 5. You have insight into parallel lives
    These are events that happen simultaneously (parallel) to your life. You may experience that you are in different places at the same time.

    Paranormal phenomenon 6. You have insight into the future and can predict things
    Perhaps you perceive that a soul chooses its parents and wants to be born, what an unborn child wants to be called, or when/how a child will be born.


    Paranormal phenomenon 7. You see ghosts like faces or phantoms or perhaps altogether.
    There are different definitions of what exactly ghosts are. These can be deceased people you know, but also strangers. These are sometimes called entities. Usually, entities are known because people have unpleasant experiences with them in specific places (such as in the home). Perhaps you have felt someone bending over you or moving a specific part of your body.

    Paranormal phenomenon 8. You feel light beings, ascended masters, guides or help ‘from above’
    This can also be from other galaxies or cosmoses. Perhaps a spiritual guide or guardian angel feels like a special friend no one else can see.

    Psychic dream

    Paranormal phenomenon 9. You have dreams in which guides or people give you clear messages
    Perhaps during your dreams you gain insight into ‘why you are here on earth, what choices strengthen you and your soul or why you experience things (e.g. because they are based on unfinished past lives).

    Paranormal phenomenon 10. You are aware of out of body experiences
    Your body is present on earth, but your consciousness somewhere else. For example, you are lying in bed and you are stepping out with your consciousness into the dream dimension or another country. Perhaps you feel like you are flying.

    Paranormal phenomenon 11. You know what the other person is thinking
    For example, you can sense an animal well and make telepathic contact with it (‘talking’ through the air), or see pain. This goes even further than thinking of someone and that person calling you: you know the other person is calling!

    woman holds iPhone in hand

    Paranormal phenomenon 12. You can move objects with your thoughts
    This is also known as telekinesis.

    Paranormal phenomenon 13. You can ‘channel
    Or to be a channel of unconditional love. Maybe you do automatic writing to pass on messages from loving light beings, for example.

    Paranormal phenomenon 14. You enjoy working with energy in more ‘alternative ways’
    For example, through gemstones or oracle cards.

    If you have not yet mastered your paranormal gift, you may recognize yourself in these phenomena:

    Paranormal phenomenon 15. You experience (intense) sounds or voices that others do not hear.

    Paranormal phenomenon 16. You have unexplainable emotions (such as fear), thoughts or certain behaviour.
    These may have originated in other times (past lives, parallel lives or future lives).

    Paranormal phenomenon 17. You take things ‘over’
    Maybe you get sick of a certain room containing negative energy (e.g. because there has been an argument), or you take over another person’s pain or loaded emotions.

    Paranormal phenomenon 18. You have difficulty distinguishing what is your own or another’s energy
    For example, in terms of thoughts, emotions or physical pain and times (past lives, present and future).

    Paranormal phenomenon 19. You get tired of other people’s pain

    woman sleeps

    Paranormal phenomenon 20. You are afraid of what you perceive
    For example, you are afraid of ghosts. You feel that your body, emotions or thoughts are being pushed/moved in a certain direction without your control.

    Paranormal phenomenon 21. You don’t allow your paranormality
    Maybe you suppress it and you ask yourself what you want/can or ‘should’ do with it.

    Paranormal phenomenon 22. You do not feel supported

    Paranormal phenomenon 23. You have no control over your sleep/dreams
    Perhaps you feel you have no control over your sleep and dreams. Perhaps you have intensely confusing dreams and/or nightmares? Or maybe you suffer from sleep paralysis? This means that although you are conscious (and in that sense awake), your body is asleep. Your body is not doing what your mind wants: waking up, opening your eyes and stretching or moving yourself. This can sometimes feel like you have ‘stepped out’ and cannot ‘fall back’ into your body. Because you have no control over your body and may feel like you are ‘trapped’ in your body, this can lead to panic or anxiety.

    Paranormal phenomenon 24. You are afraid of others’ opinions
    It bothers you that others think you can ‘see through them’.

    Paranormal phenomenon 25. You feel that you have lost yourself

    Psychic testing

    There are various tests to investigate whether you are paranormal such as the Zenner test. The ‘problem’ with these tests is that they often highlight one aspect (in the case of the Zenner test: perceiving an aspect of the future) and are often done by people who have not yet mastered their gift. A test may reveal that you do not have a psychic gift, even though you have this predisposition.

    Paranormal therapist

    There are all kinds of people who consciously work in a paranormal way such as at a paranormal fair. For example: a paranormal therapist (and paranormal therapy), paranormal healer and paranormal medium.

    There are also relatively many people who work with their psychic gift, but (un)consciously do not name it as such. This is usually because they are afraid of what those around them might think of their paranormality, or out of modesty.

    woman during sunset

    Do you have paranormal gifts? 8 tips:

    Tip 1. In case of complaints: consult a doctor too

    Choose a doctor you feel comfortable with (e.g. one with a holistic point of view).

    Tip 2. Investigate whether you are psychic

    You can do this by feeling about this or by asking for our help.

    Tip 3. Acknowledge your paranormality

    Are you paranormal? Acknowledge it: it is a part of you! Another does not have to accept you; accept yourself.

    Tip 4. Get closer to yourself and stay in your own energy

    Learn to protect yourself properly, so negative energy does not have an impact on you.

    Tip 5. Cleanse negative energy

    For example, cleanse negative energy in your home and in yourself. Learn to transform fear.

    Tip 6. Learn to let go of perfectionism and insecurity

    Tip 7. Let your (psychic) dreams work for you

    Do you suffer from sleep paralysis/(psychic) nightmares? Discover the cause (and why it happens) and remove the cause. Learn to direct your dreams, this can be done through lucid dreaming. Do you suffer from sleep paralysis? Femke can help you with this.

    Tip 8. Develop your paranormal gift

    You can develop your paranormal gift for example with the help of light beings. Making your gift work for you gives you energy. With your paranormal gift you can also do wonderful things for the world around you and make the world more beautiful, in your unique way. Show yourself!

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