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Ascended Master Lady Portia helps you to clear karma

Are you bothered by dominant people in your area? Do you have trouble following your feeling, because your ratio (your thoughts) is so present? Ascended Master Lady Portia is an Ascended Master who can help you with this. In this article you will discover who Ascended Master Lady Portia is, how she can help you and you will receive a meditation with her.

Who is Ascended Master Lady Portia?

This Ascended Master has had several incarnations (lives on earth), for example:

  • As a Lemurian Priestess in the Temple of the Great Goddess
  • In the Australian outback (remote area) she lived in harmony with Mother Nature
  • As a priestess of the sea
  • As a goddess in Iceland, Ireland, Scotland
  • As Morgaine La Faye, sister of Merlin (an Ascended Master), in Albion , United Kingdom

Ascended Master Lady Portia helps you to:

  • Dissolve and transcend karma .
  • Let go of old beliefs and embracing new ones. She helps you to create new loving thoughts that connect to your feeling.
  • Make space within yourself for new energy with a higher vibration.
  • Let more love flow through you.
  • Balance masculine (ratio) and feminine (feeling) energy (unity between masculine and feminine energy).

Ascended Master Lady Portia is currently concerned with cosmic balance. The feeling I get from this is that it keeps the Earth and other planets in our galaxy moving at the ‘correctspeed. This protects us against comets and asteroids, among other things. It also means that she is concerned with the balance between cosmic masculine and cosmic feminine energy. She does not do this alone, but in collaboration with other Ascended Masters. She brings the masculine and feminine energy back into unity.

Lady Portia
Image source: Peter & Birgitte Fich Christiansen

Meditation Exercise with Ascended Master Lady Portia

With this meditation exercise you can get acquainted with the cosmic energy with which Ascended Master Lady Portia works. Is this the first time you are going to meditate? Read this information about meditation first.

  • Step 1: Provide a nice place where you can sit in silence.
  • Step 2: Close your eyes.
  • Step 3: Imaginary look at the sun.
  • Step 4: Embrace this celestial body (the sun), expand your energyfield (so it will become bigger).
  • Step 5: Feel Your Own Greatness.
  • Step 6: Now let the energy of the cosmos  (in the color purple) flow through you.
  • Step 7: Ask Lady Portia to help get back to Earth.
  • Step 8: Be aware of the changes in your energy system and feel the love.
  • Step 9: Take the time to come back calmly. Gently move your fingers, hands, toes, feet and open your eyes gently.

Do you want to know more about Lady Portia?

Contact Mathijs via this contact form.

About Femke de Grijs and Mathijs van der Beek

We are Femke and Mathijs: a Dutch couple and we are both highly sensitive and highly intuitive/paranormal. We feel a non-physical presence beyond the visible site and we are very interested in spirituality and sacred places.

At a moment we felt like there was more in life than our comfort-zone in The Netherlands. We followed our hearts. We sold our house in The Netherlands. We disposed of almost all our stuff and we live like digital nomads. We travel the world since 2017 with our dog Juultje (born in 2022) and we go wherever we want.

While we are traveling we are also helping highly sensitive and paranormal persons to discover their divine calling and soul purpose and live it, so they can feel alive too.

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