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Is 5G radiation bad for your health?

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    Are you curious about what 5G radiation is, what the impact is on your health and how you protect yourself against it? This blog will help you further.

    What is 5G radiation?

    Smartphone g

    5G stands for the 5th generation mobile network. It all started with the first generation.

    Below you will find various characteristics of the G networks in keywords.

    1. 1g = 1st generation – this is an analog system that the first car phones and mobile phones worked on. This is now no longer in use.
    2. 2g = 2nd generation – telephone calls and SMS, 1990 – digital technology – more security, MMS.
    3. 3g = 3rd generation – early 2000 (in the Netherlands: 2002) – real mobile data – browsing on your mobile etc. Low internet speed.
    4. 4g = 4th generation – faster internet – industry standard without testing (on paper) would be 100 mbit/s when driving the car and 1gb/s when standing still. In practice, that doesn’t work. 4G is still being developed and is therefore called 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution).
    5. 5th = 5th generation – why 5G if we don’t even get 4G standard yet? Because the speed is even higher. This opens up new possibilities such as instant download/upload and self-driving cars. Their range is short, so many towers will have to be built. This can be very small: it will be possible in a lamppost. You don’t even see it.

    Frequencies of 5G radiation

    All this radiation creates electromagnetic fields. These artificial EMF – electro magnetic fields (electromagnetic radiation) have different frequencies:

    • Frequencies 3G: 2100 MHz frequency band, nowadays this band is also used for 4G.
    • Frequencies 4G LTE A or LTE + – 800 MHz, 900 MHz,1800 MHz and 2100 MHz and 2.6 GHz
    • 5G frequencies: the 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz

    Some telecom companies use the 900 MHz for UMTS – also for 4G.

    The government has yet to make a decision on which frequencies will become available for 5G in the Netherlands and when.

    5G in the future are combined frequencies ( 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz and 26 GHz )

    26 gigahertz – range a few meters (lamppost, many places, high speed).
    3.5 gigahertz – range 10 meters to a few hundred meters (less places, lower speed).
    700 megahertz range from 100 meters to several kilometers (less places, for national coverage, speed lowest).

    effect of 5G on women

    5G health studies

    No major independent research has yet been done on 5G. Research has been done by the industry itself. The main focus was on the thermal effect (heating due to radiation), but not on the effect on cell metabolism.

    Some studies have been done on radiation and its damage. Harmful effects of exposure to RF-EMF (RadioFrequency ElectroMagnetic Fields) have already been proven.

    As a result of these studies, a Scientist Appeal for 5G Moratorium has  been drawn up. 

    More than 230 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed their “serious concern” about this.

    The 5G health risks:

    The ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF previously generated by electrical and wireless devices can according to the scientists cause:

    • an increased risk of cancer
    • cellular stress
    • increase in harmful free radicals
    • genetic damage
    • structural and functional changes of the reproductive system
    • learning and memory disorders
    • neurological disorders
    • negative effects on general well-being in humans.
    laboratory research

    Damage goes far beyond the human race. Evidence is growing that electromagnetic radiation has harmful effects on both plants and animals.

    The dangers of 5G radiation / 5G Health risks

    Common EHS (electrohypersensitivity, that is, electromagnetic hypersensitivity) symptoms include:

    • headache
    • concentration difficulties
    • sleep problems, depression
    • lack of energy
    • fatigue
    • flu-like symptoms
    depression in men

    At this time, EHS and MCS (Multiple chemical Sensitivity) are not yet recognized as true medical conditions. However, with current scientific knowledge, national and international agencies and institutions are being asked to recognize EHS and MCS as real medical conditions.

    The radiation standards

    Current standards are based on the expected thermal effects of electromagnetic fields, disregarding any non-thermal effects.

    Retired dutch neurobiologist Hugo Schooneveld warned about the limited way of doing research. In 2017, Schooneveld and 179 international academics signed  a letter to the European Commission  in which they argued that too little research has been done into the exact harmfulness of 5G radiation. “The current investigations are absolutely irrelevant,” he says in de Volkskrant, among others.

    For example, attention should be focused on changes in non-thermal (not related to heat), cell-physiological processes. The technicians refuse to do that because they slow down production.

    The effects of electromagnetic radiation are not only about 5G, but also about WiFi. Today it is everywhere. Just think of offices, schools in gyms and at home. Children are also exposed to this harmful radiation all day long.


    There is still uncertainty in politics and among people about the harmful effects.

    Measuring radiation

    You can measure this radiation with equipment. Then you can see how high the electromagnetic radiation is. In which places in the house is this radiation the highest? Or at the office? You can already do things yourself to reduce the radiation at home, such as:

    • No internet via WiFi, but via cable.
    • Make your WiFi router less powerful.
    • Turn off the Wi-Fi at night (this can also be set automatically with most routers).
    • Don’t put your phone in the bedroom when you sleep.
    • Using radiation-resistant materials.
    internet cable

    How do you know if you suffer from electromagnetic radiation?

    By keeping a diary and observing how much radiation you are exposed to, you can get a good idea of ​​whether you are affected by this. Keep track of which complaints you have, at which time and which location.

    The spiritual and physical relationship between complaints of electromagnetic radiation

    There are a number of factors that influence the experience of complaints :

    1. Type of constitution
    2. Your own cell energy
    3. Spiritual influences

    Type of constitution:

    Your body has a lot to process. In addition to electrosmog, there are also many toxins that are harmful to our body. The threshold value of what the body can process is different for everyone. You can improve that. However, you should also keep in mind that we can divide people into types with a certain constitution, as is done in Ayurveda (think of Vata, Pita, Kappa).

    Homeopathy also talks about certain types. There are more angles for type of metabolism. What I want to say with this is that everyone is unique.

    Cell Level:

    I assume that the radiation has the greatest influence at the cellular level. Good cell energy is important. All cells work together and ensure that our body functions. The higher your cell energy, the stronger your aura, the better protected you are against electro-smog, among other things.

    Red blood cells

    Spiritual influences:

    There are various spiritual influences such as spiritual blockages or energy that does not flow optimally such as the soul energy, divine qualities and / or the energy of the higher self. By getting started with this you increase your resistance to electromagnetic radiation.

    Many common blockages that affect come from past lives. A common example of this is a blockade from Atlantis. More than 12,000 years ago when Atlantis went down there has been high technology. Good things have been done with it, but also “bad” things. Electromagnetic radiation triggers the blockages that have arisen from this time and asks us to solve them.

    If the soul energy flows optimally, this gives a loving energy to the body, making it easier for the body to be healthy.

    We are currently in a transition to the Age of Aquarius. In it we may develop our divine energy of unconditional love, health, peace, harmony, enlightenment, transformation, unity and more within ourselves. These divine qualities have a very positive influence on our well-being.

    Conclusion; is 5G bad for you and your health?

    All in all, little is still scientifically known, but the signals that 5G does something with us are very clear. There are many people who suffer from electromagnetic radiation. We cannot stop development. However, we can raise awareness and take good care of ourselves.

    smartphone with 5G

    Protection against 5G radiation

    How can you protect yourself against 5G / electro smog? There are so many options, too many to list. Therefore 3 categories in which you can find the solution:

    1. Keeping out electromagnetic radiation with the help of special paint, duvet cover, adhesive foil windows, a special mosquito net and things like that.
    2. Amplifying the original Schumann resonance. There are different views on this. The Schumann resonance has changed considerably in recent years. One says through cosmic changes, the other says through the electromagnetic fields we have created ourselves. Research shows that the original resonance of 7.83 Hz is good for our spiritual growth and health. In the Ravne tunnels of the pyramids of Bosnia there are chambers with this resonance. People who meditate / stay here experience positive effects. Update: unfortunely i noticed mold in these tunnels (that is not positieve for your health). In our quantum field (the field of infinite possibilities and ways of looking) there are several possibilities. Therefore, feel for yourself what is right for you.
    3. Harmonizing the energy. Harmonize the energy in your home and your own energy with tools so that your body does not suffer from the energy and your cell energy remains good. 


    If you suffer from complaints, you can get started on several fronts.

    1. Optimize your cell energy.
    2. Have something that will help harmonize your energy field and home.
    3. If it feels right, amplify the original Schumann resonance in your home.
    4. Dissolve spiritual blockages.
    5. Work on your spiritual development.
    6. Live your soul purpose, make sure your soul energy flows.

    Tools from Ascension Europe

    As a trainer of Ascension Europe, I believe that the creative energy of these tools will help us further on our spiritual path. They support us. A number of tools support our body to harmonize electromagnetic radiation.

    These tools are not suitable for everyone. If you cannot perceive spiritual energy (for example; you feel / experience nothing with a gemstone) and are not open to it, then these tools are not suitable for you.

    Examples of Tools that can support:

    Great Instrument of Transformation – clear a space, clear your aura, support your cell energy.

    great instrument of transformation 3 fold flame

    Pyramids – increases the vibration in space and harmonizes

    Pyramids All 2019

    Guardian – protects and harmonizes against negative energy and 5G

    Guardian Large and Small

    Light of Faith – drinking energized water with a high Bovis value that increases your cell energy.

    Light Of Faith

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