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Electro magnetic hypersensitivity: tips against electromagnetic radiation

    Door Femke de Grijs

    Fatigue comes in many varieties, such as burnout or CFS. It can have several causes: one possible cause of fatigue is radiation. But what exactly is radiation and what helps you against it? In this article you will discover more about it.

    What is Radiation?

    Radiation exists in many types such as:

    • Radioactive radiation.
    • Radiation from sources that are not visible to everyone, such as from earth rays (these are energies originating from the earth that are not positive humans) or energies from humans. Just think of entities or emotions that have lingered in a space. Not everyone can perceive this type of radiation. Highly sensitive people are often more sensitive to this type of radiation.
    • Electromagnetic radiation.

    Electromagnetic radiation

    Electromagnetic radiation comes from all objects that have an electrical voltage on them or through which current flows. Below you will find some examples:

    • Anything with a bluetooth connection (such as lamps and wireless products such as wireless sound equipment, wireless boxes, wireless headphones, wireless mouse and keyboard)
    • DECT phones, DECT baby phones
    • PCs, laptops, computers
    • Smartphones
    • UMT-S and GSM masts
    • Washing machine
    • WiFi (including lamps, inverters with WiFi connection), WiFi amplifiers
    • Anything that has transformers in or with it including dimmers for incandescent or halogen lighting, fluorescent tubes and a clock/transistor radio and more.

    Electromagnetic radiation is increasing worldwide, because more and more objects with electrical voltage or current flowing through them are being placed. 5G is a current example of this. Electromagnetic radiation is also experienced as ‘smog’ and is referred to as electrosmog . Being sensitive to electromagnetic radiation is also referred to as electro magnetic hypersensitivity, electrical hypersensitivity, electro hypersensitivity and electro sensitivity.

    The dutch Electrohypersensitivity Foundation (EHS) estimates that 3% of the population is hypersensitive to electromagnetic fields. Dr. Elaine Aron estimates that 10-15% of the population is highly sensitive. Highly sensitive people are (unconsciously) extra open to stimuli (impressions) and radiation. Persons with an electro magnetic hypersensitivity have a certain degree of hypersensitivity (at least to electromagnetic fields), but not all highly sensitive persons (HSP) are equally sensitive to (electromagnetic) radiation. This blog below focus on this type of radiation in particular.

    Effects of radiation

    Highly sensitive people and people who have an electro magnetic hypersensitivity can suffer from various complaints (often related to the immune and hormone system ) due to radiation, such as:

    • Fatigue
    • Allergies
    • Eye complaints
    • Cardiac arrhythmias
    • Headache
    • Backache
    • Cold limbs
    • Dizziness
    • Sleeping problems
    • Forgetfulness
    • Irritability
    • Unrest
    • Tension
    • Tinnitus
    • Depression

    Test whether you have an electro magnetic hypersensitivity

    There is no scientifically based meter such as a heart rate monitor with which you can quickly see whether and to what extent you are affected by electromagnetic radiation.

    You can test this yourself. Find an environment that does not have this radiation (the ‘ white  (low-radiation)  zones ‘) or make your house low-radiation. For example, switch off your WiFi, mobile and DECT telephone for a week, see also the tips below. If the complaints decrease during the test period, you have an indication that you have an electro magnetic hypersensitivity.

    WiFi in nature

    Treatment if you have an electro magnetic hypersensitivity:

    These tips help you further:

    • Way 1: Remove radiation or restore radiation
    • Way 2: Amplify the natural energy of the earth in your environment
    • Way 3: Strengthen your own energy

    The methods are explained in more detail below.

    Way 1. Remove radiation or restore radiation

    This method is scientifically proven.

    Tip 1: Remove electromagnetic radiation if possible:

    • Instead of WiFi (wireless internet), use cable internet.
    • Instead of your GSM and DECT telephone (that is, a cordless telephone), use a telephone on a ‘wire’.
    • Instead of induction plates or an electric hob, use a gas stove.
    • Remove electric beds (such as a waterbed or an electrically adjustable bed) or electric blankets from the socket/replace them for a ‘regular’ bed or blanket.

    Tip 2: Consciously choose electricity:

    • Can’t live without WiFi or (Bluetooth on) your mobile? Only turn it on when you need it and turn it off when you’re done. This also applies to other electrical appliances: unplug them when not in use.
    • Use ‘earthed’ sockets: these are sockets with an iron ‘bits’. Plugs in which there are slots can be inserted here.
    • Consciously choose light. Avoid fluorescent and energy saving lamps. Rather use (at a distance) a LED lamp or a halogen lamp on 230 volts (without transformer) or an ‘Ecoclassics’ lamp. Some people prefer a light bulb, but this is not optimal for the environment. In addition, people often benefit from turning a light dimmer either completely off or fully open (and not opting for ‘intermediate positions’).

    Tip 3. Keep away from electrical sources, such as the router or TV.

    • Do not sit with your nose on the TV screen.
    • Are you going to do (electric) laundry? Then turn on the washing machine if you plan to go to an appointment or something similar.
    • People can also benefit from a battery-powered alarm clock, instead of a radio alarm clock that runs on 230 Volts.

    Some electromagnetic radiation sources cannot be removed, such as WiFi from the neighbors or nearby cell towers. Some agents, such as radiation-free paint or foil, block this type of electromagnetic radiation. There are also filters that help purify the water and air.

    Way 2. Amplify natural, positive energy of the earth in your environment

    Professor Schumann was concerned with the physics of electricity. He discovered that the energy of the Earth’s core has a specific healing vibration. This is also called Schumann resonance or Schumann frequency. This resonance or frequency is expressed in Herz (Hz) (the number of vibrations per second).

    Schumann shared his discoveries in the journal Technische Physik. Dr. Ankermueller then conjectured that the Earth has the same natural resonance as the brain. König confirmed this link between the Schumann resonance and the rhythms of the brain. The Schumann resonance helps to relax the brain and yourself and to feel good.

    When I started to study the phenomenon of electromagnetic radiation and what I could do about it, I thought it was a logical idea to remove/refuse electromagnetic radiation as much as possible. At first I thought it was a bit strange to add radiation (in this case positive radiation, which comes from the earth) in the house. The idea of ​​adding radiation was irritating to me at first, since I already feel so much . Until I came to the insight that everything is energy, and everything already has a certain (radiation) radiation. For example, I noticed that gemstones can create a certain positive energy in the house.

    tourmaline in the color black

    There are various ways and devices that help to amplify the positive earth frequency or Schumann resonance in your home or environment. These devices do not remove electromagnetic radiation or do not have a protective effect. While Googling I quickly found more than twenty devices / products that said to help with this. I then made a list of all these anti-radiation products. Over the years I have tested different products. Below I share what I am most excited about as a traveling HSP right now.

    Make use of Ascension Tools

    I discovered that Ascension Europe has Tools that can help you as an HSP to deal better with radiation. For example, there are 3 Light of the Stars Pyramids and there are 6 Light of Knowledge Pyramids (small and large: XL) that you can place in a room. Each of these pyramids has a different color and energy and helps you deal better with electromagnetic radiation. From left to right on the photo you see the Light of Knowledge Pyramid:

    Pyramids of Ascension Europe

    The large Guardian can be hung on a chain as an HSP and also helps you to deal better with electromagnetic radiation, which is practical when you travel .

    Ascension great Guardian

    We collaborate with Ascension Europe. This article therefore contains affiliate links. If you order something from Ascension via the links in this article, we will receive a small compensation for this and you support us. We appreciate this very much! You don’t pay anything extra.

    Are you curious whether/what suits you in terms of Ascension Tools? Mathijs van der Beek (also ambassador of Ascension Europe) is happy to help you.

    Discount code for Ascension Europe

    Are you going to order something from Ascension Europe for the very first time? Tip: use the discount code: mathijsvanderbeek and get a 3% welcome discount on your product(s) (this code does not work in combination with other codes/promotions and will not be applied to any shipping costs)!

    Tip: feel what suits you in terms of anti-radiation product, for example with muscle testing. What works well for one person may not necessarily work well for another. Every person and every HSP is unique. Are you curious whether/what suits you in terms of Ascension Tools? Mathijs van der Beek likes to think and feel along with you and help you further.

    Way 3. Strengthen your own energy

    Way 1 and way 2 are aimed at the outside world. By removing/repelling negative stimuli and adding positive stimuli in your outside world, you can feel better and deal better with electromagnetic radiation.

    In some cases it is not possible to remove/repel stimuli and to add positive stimuli in the outside world. For example, maybe you forget to wear your Guardian necklace. Or do you dread incentives and weather as many incentives as possible. Living alone in a hut on the moor without electricity as a hermit does not make you happy …

    It is therefore (especially if you are HSP and super sensitive) very important to strengthen your own energy and to stay with your own energy. You always have yourself with you! This way you are not dependent on what is happening in the outside world. If you stick to your own energy, you prevent yourself from losing yourself in external stimuli (and radiation) and suffering from this.

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