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Removing entities from your home: this is how you do it!

    Door Femke de Grijs

    About 1 in 5 people is a highly sensitive person (HSP). Highly sensitive people recognize themselves in these HSP traits .They perceive relatively more stimuli compared to others, perhaps you also perceive paranormal and energies of entities?

    In this blog you will find:

    Entity meaning: what are entities?

    For example, entities can be (un)known deceased persons. A synonym for the word entity can be ghost. For example, some people perceive entities in photographs.

    Maybe as a HSP you can feel , smell or hear entities, for example in the house? For example, some people also see shadows. Pets and animals can also notice entities and suffer from this. However, entities are usually not perceptible to many non-highly sensitive people and, for example, invisible.

    Entities in house symptoms

    There are various ways in which you can investigate whether there are entities, for example in a house. For example, the presence of entities can (unknowingly) lead to complaints such as:

    • Experiencing physical, emotional and/or mental tension and being restless.
    • Having stress.
    • Having pain in your neck or shoulders.
    • Having sleep problems.
    • Being tired: not waking up fit. 
    • Having addictions.
    • Having fear.
    • Being depressed , experiencing listlessness, not feeling like anything anymore.
    • Experiencing unexplained other emotions such as anger.
    • Having negative thoughts and behavior, for example being critical all the time.
    • Feeling a negative energy in the house. Maybe you feel watched, you notice unexplained noises, smells or temperatures or equipment interferes (e.g. lights go on/off inexplicably or batteries run out inexplicably quickly)?
    • Having poor concentration.

    Tip: consult a medical doctor in case of complaints! Sometimes the above complaints, if they are caused by the presence of an entity, are called entity or spirit symptoms. However, this term is incorrect because it is not scientifically proven that the presence of entities leads to disease. The word symptoms can only be used in relation to illness. I do believe that, just as through the presence of living people, a person can also feel ill due to entities and that this can lead to all kinds of other complaints. The complaints can vary from person to person.

    Because the above energies are often not nourishing for you as a human being and are experienced as negative, they are also referred to as ‘evil spirits’, ‘negative entities’ or ‘demons’. In everyday life, living people would be referred to as evil or negative people.

    Haunted houses

    Houses in which entities are active are sometimes referred to as haunted houses.

    Summon spirits

    Some people like to communicate with an entity. For example, alone or in a group, they consciously evoke entities, such as spinning a glass or a board game such as a ouija board. This is generally not recommended (and especially not for someone who is out of balance due to a (mental) illness): due to ignorance and fear, people may (unconsciously!) create even more fear and feel uncomfortable.

    However someone who is professionally trained, such as a medium , can always communicate with entities in a pleasant way. If you want to communicate in any way with entities such as a deceased loved one, seek help from a professional and/or learn how to do this yourself. In that case, get professional training.

    Expelling ghosts: 9 tips

    Below you will find general tips that you can apply if you, as a HSP, are bothered by entities:

    Tip 1. Make a choice

    First of all, think about your goal: what do you want to achieve? Do you want to live from fear or love?

    Just as you can learn how to deal with living (evil or negative) people lovingly (instead of fearfully), you can also learn how to deal lovingly (instead of fearfully) with entities. You always have a choice in how you deal with entities.

    You can make a choice to live out of love or fear (and victimization). Living from fear and victimization makes you more susceptible to and suffer from the energy of entities.

    Tip 2. Get started with yourself

    Do you really want to live from love and peace (without being bothered by entities and that they control your life)? Then you have to make a choice to get started with yourself. The tips below will help you with this. This can be confrontational. It takes courage. Frankly, not everyone wants to make that choice. Do you dare to face a possible confrontation with yourself? Then read on :).

    Tip 3. Consider to what extent you are balanced

    To what extent are you in balance on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level? The more balance there is, the better you can deal with entities.

    The more you are out of balance, the worse you can deal with entities and the more you can continue to suffer from this. For example, if someone else removes entities in your house, an imbalance can (unconsciously) cause entities to return and you experience a vicious circle. You can then muddle through with entities for years and feel ‘trapped’ in your own home.

    Tip 4. Discover causes of imbalance

    If you are out of balance, it is important to find the cause of this. In case of complaints, also consult a medical doctor to be sure. Below you will find examples of causes that can cause an imbalance.

    Examples of physical causes:

    • Adrenal Fatigue
    • Intestines that are out of balance
    • Iron deficiency
    • Magnesium deficiency
    • Vitamin D deficiency
    • Vitamin B12 deficiency
    • Pfeiffer’s disease
    blood tet

    Examples of emotional causes:

    Not being able to deal effectively with emotions can cause an imbalance. You may have unprocessed/suppressed/rejected emotions/feelings, such as:

    • Fear
    • Insecurity
    • Anger
    • Jealousy
    • Shame
    • Love sickness

    This can be related to major events, such as the death of a loved one.

    Examples of mental causes

    Limiting beliefs / suppressed / rejected thoughts can cause an imbalance. Just think of thoughts that are associated with a blown perfectionism. You may be a control freak and worry a lot.

    An example of a relational cause is:

    • Transgenerational/intergenerational trauma

    One or more (unconscious) trauma (s) can also be the cause of physical, emotional, mental and relational imbalance.

    A cause that causes imbalance can be related to this life and/or one or more parallel and/or past lives.

    Tip 5. Learn to deal with fear effectively

    Many HSPs send entities away out of fear, but this doesn’t address the root of the problem.

    Do you find entities exciting, tricky or scary? You can do something about this. Surround yourself with energy that resonates with love (instead of fear). Are you anxious? Tips: 

    • Don’t watch scary movies, even before you go to sleep. Fear attracts fear: so don’t watch scary movies and television shows and the like before going to sleep.
    • Turn on a light in your bedroom if you’re scared. Dark can lead to uncertainty and fear. You can therefore, for example, use a Light-Box in combination with a Light of the Star Pyramid or Clear Light of Knowledge pyramid .
    Ascension Lightbox

    Tip 6. Address the cause of imbalance and control your high sensitivity

    For example, are you afraid that you will be overpowered / can’t handle what comes your way? Return to the origin of this fear. If this is related to an unfinished past life, wrap this up .

    The most important thing is to be balanced as a HSP. This means, among other things, that you master your high sensitivity well and that you can stay with yourself (and your own energy). It means that you are in emotional and mental balance.

     This way you not only ensure that you can deal well with negative people, but also with entities. This also helps you to live from love, instead of fear or tension. This way you prevent a possible entity from getting a grip on your life (and determining your life).

    If you manage your high sensitivity well and use it to your advantage, you will also be able to more easily perceive who the entity is, why it is there, what it wants and communicate with the entity. It also helps you guide entities to The Source/The Light/Afterlife more easily.

    Tip 7. Research

    An entity is there for a reason.

    Investigate who the entity is exactly and why it is there (for example, is it really an entity, or is it something else?). There can be many reasons why an entity is on earth, for example because the entity:

    • Want to make things right or make amends with someone who is still alive.
    • Is afraid of the Light (this is also called ‘the other side’ or afterlife) or what may be possible after death.
    • Is concerned and does not want to leave loved ones alone.
    • Not aware that he/she has died.
    • Still addicted/attached to material or resources such as alcohol or a house.
    • Want to tell something to a loved one.

    After you have a clear understanding of why the entity is there, you can help the entity further.


    Tip 8. Talk

    Communicate via your mind or in a meditation with the entity.

    If necessary, ask for help from light beings lik Ascended Masters. Beings of light are filled with light and unconditional love: an entity is not that yet and can be helped by light and love from light beings.

    Some people just say something like: “This space is mine. Go away (to place X, such as The Afterlife, The Light, or The Source of Life), leave me alone.” This is also referred to as sending entities away, removing entities, expelling entities, or bringing entities to light.

    An entity generally does not want to go to the light until the cause of why it is there has been resolved. Work on this! What happens then is that the energy of the entity can move into a loving dimension.

    Tip 9. Seek help and use resources

    Are you stuck? Find a professional who can help you!

    I deliberately advise against burning substances (such as white sage) when removing entities, because harmful substances are released during combustion (which can be carcinogenic, among other things).

    A safer alternative are the glass energetic Ascension Tools from Ascension Europe. For example, they can help you remove entities and create a nice space, just think of:

    1. A set of 4 Tool of Calmings XL in gold or clear variant
    2. The Great Instrument of transformation
    3. Seals of Genesis
    4. Light green

    Below you will find more information about it:

    1. Set of 4 Tool of Calmings XL: for a thorough house cleaning

    These Tools in the golden or clear variant clean the energy in a room 24/7 so that a pleasant space is created, which is pleasant for a HSP. They also assist in energetically cleansing entities.

    gouden tool of calmings set van Ascension Europe
    Ascension Tool of Calming XL set clear

    2. The Great Instrument of transformation

    The Great Instrument of transformation supports you to energetically release entities.

    3. Seals of Genesis

    The Seals of Genesis energetically protect spaces such as homes and help resolve issues with entities within a space.

    Ascension Seals of Genesis

    4. Light green

    This Light green helps you to release connections with earthbound spirits.

    Ascension Light Green

    Are you curious whether/what suits you in terms of Ascension Tools? Mathijs is happy to help you.

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