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Ascended Master Lady Nada helps you to improve your relationships

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    Do you suffer from anger, annoyance or a bad relationship? Do you get upset when other people are unkind to each other?

    Lady Nada can help you with several issues

    Lady Nady is an Ascended Master who can help you to:

    • Feel love.
    • Improve your relationships with others.
    • State your limits.
    • Get a good balance between your work and private life.
    • Make you feel like you matter.
    • Improve the relationship with yourself.

    How exactly does this work?

    Lady Nada is dedicated to helping people see the love in everything. Everything around us has love in it. You will recognize this moment when you work with Lady Nada. That way you can also choose te be lovely for yourself. The relationship with yourself improves (and therefore also with others). This allows you to better indicate your limits and create a good balance between work and private life. You also get the feeling that you matter; that you are just as important as anyone else.


    Who is Lady Nada?

    Lady Nada has had various incarnations (lives on earth), for example on earth. There are various stories doing the rounds, for example about:

    • Atlantis , where she worked in medicine as a priestess in the Temple of Love.
    • In many lifetimes where she anonymously maintained the consciousness of the flame of life/flame of love on Earth (meaning she carried the energy of love with her so that this energy was present on Earth).
    Lady Nothing
    Image source: Peter & Birgitte Fich Christiansen

    Lady Nada meditation

    Have you never meditated? Discover here what meditation is.

    With this meditation exercise you can get acquainted with the love energy that is Lady Nada.

    • Step 1: Provide a nice place where you can sit in silence.
    • Step 2: Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.
    • Step 3: Connect with Lady Nada by visualizing a pink color above your crown (your head).
    • Step 4: The pink light slowly takes on a figure-eight shape.
    • Step 5: The pink lying figure-eight drops down towards your lower abdomen.
    • Step 6: Let it relax in the area of your lower abdomen.
    • Step 7: Now breathe in 3 times the light up to your heart.
    • Step 8: There your golden light is lit.
    • Step 9: Enjoy the energy.
    • Step 10: Choose a moment to end the meditation by yourself.
    • Step 11: Get some drinking water.

    How did the meditation go? Leave a comment below!

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