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Are you a starchild? 8 features!

    Door Mathijs van der Beek

    Starseed Meaning

    A starchild/starseed is a New Age Childr. These are children (and adults) with talents and characteristics that do not fit into current education. As a result, they often run into problems. They need something else.

    A starchild/starseed has a great inner wisdom that is not recognized as such by the environment. Often the starchild/starseed is even perceived as a problem. 

    Starchildren are not the only New Age children. There are also:

    • Indigo children
    • Crystal children
    • Rainbow kids
    • Children from another cosmos

    Although our origin (source of love) is all the same, these qualities are portrayed differently by New Age children. Understanding the differences between New Age children helps to understand and solve problems these children have.

    starry sunlight

    A starchild and peace

    A starchild lives from the energy of unconditional love and is a peace worker. A starchild has been on earth many times to spread the energy of love and wisdom. From 1980 onwards a new wave of Starchildren has come to earth who are ‘preparing’ the earth for a new generation of starchildren who will bring even more sensitivity and wisdom.

    The energy on earth is now so far that the first of these starchildren have been born. When they are optimally attuned to their own energy, starchildren know exactly how they can use their qualities to soften the energy of the environment.

    Indigo, Rainbow or Crystal children do this too, but use their energy in a different way. Starchildren often see with sorrow that the environment is not yet ready for a change to more love.


    Where does a Starchild come from?

    A starchild comes from stars/planets that lie far in space and that we cannot (yet) observe with our telescopes. The vibration (the form of love and wisdom) is very high there. They live there in unity with the environment, the other and do not know duality as we know it here.

    Before a starchild comes to earth, they had come together with other starchildren on the pink planet of love. The connection between the starchildren is so strong that they can create new forms of love together in unity.

    How does a Starchild come to earth?

    A starship is such a form of love and consists of materials that are not (yet) known on earth. Creation happens with all of us in unity. A starship consists of energetic elements that are made in love and connection. This creates a living starship of energetic ‘matter’. With this vehicle of love they have come to earth.

    The propulsion and control of the starship is done with the heart and the head (it is a unit). The rhythm of the cosmos gives the driving force to come to earth. This is done in full alignment. It is a repeating buzz, resonating through you. You might encounter it in dreams. The love in which this takes place is infinite.

    stars and boat

    How does a Starchild Incarnate?

    When a starchild is near earth, the soul chooses its path and leaves the ship. Many starchildren on earth remember this. The transition from the starship to earth is a big one. The escort of the ship to earth is done with great care. It is sometimes very difficult to come from infinite love to a place where there is the illusion that there is duality.

    starchildren incarnate without Karma; they have no more lessons to learn. All starchildren need to remember is their own source of unconditional love, for all lessons are already stored there.

    Problems of StarChildren

    Starchildren are often very intuitive and have the ability to perceive feelings / emotions of people, animals and the environment. Apart from time and space, these children can also sense which events have taken place and which are yet to take place. At first these sightings can be very frustrating, because Starchildren are not yet able to change them.

    The sensitivity of starchildren is very great. They feel fears, sadness from others (including animals) and cannot separate the difference between the feelings of others and themselves in their young years and as adults if they are not guided in this. Because of this, starchildren can be very insecure.

    Starchildren are children / adults with a very high wisdom and unconditional love for the environment. For the sake of convenience, this is referred to as a high vibration. Their challenge lies in letting the unconditional love they have for others flow for themselves as well.

    These children are often advised to connect better with the earth, but these children do not benefit from such grounding exercises that are already available on the internet, because they do not fit their consciousness. They can recharge and come to themselves by tuning in to unity.

    Starchildren feel in the connection with others the projection of the karma that the other still has to solve. This often gives starchildren the feeling that they are not wanted, because starchildren feel that the other does not fully accept themselves. The confusion of the other person’s feelings often makes starchildren feel rejected. You often see that these children struggle to escape from this illusion. Ascended Master Buddha can help with that.


    Starchild features

    Do you recognize the following properties?

    • Are you intuitive?
    • Are you  highly sensitive?
    • Can you easily experience peace?
    • Do you have compassion for people, even though they have wronged you?
    • Do you like looking at the stars?
    • Do you like to traveling in the field of stars in meditations and do you feel recognition?
    • Do you feel one with others?
    • Do you feel a strong connection to the earth?

    Then there is a great possibility that you are a starchild!

    star child

    Short Channeling for a Star child:

    “Dear starchild. You have come here on earth to help with the problems that are on the planet. Feel supported by us; you are here out of love so that you can lead the way for others to live out of love.”

    Starchildren and meditation

    Starchildren do not need to learn to meditate. They can do this naturally. They just need to remember how to do this. This can be done, for example, in a course. Sometimes blockages have built up and need to be unblocked first. After that, a starChild can meditate on their own if they feel the need. In a meditation they can relax or connect with the knowledge and wisdom they need.

    Do you want to know more about Starchildren?

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