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Holistic view: what is this and how can it help you as a HSP?

    Door Femke de Grijs

    What is holism and a holistic point of view?

    The word ‘holism’ comes from the Greek word ‘holon’ which means ‘whole’. A synonym of holism is comprehensive. Holism is a philosophy, vision of life or belief. It is assumed that everything is connected.

    For example, consider a connection between:

    • Physical things, such as your body and what and how you eat.
    • Emotions
    • Thoughts
    • Subtle dimensions that surround and penetrate you, such as your soul

    This vision of life is becoming more and more known in this time, which is also called new age . In this New Era, connection and living from a sense of unity, instead of separation and rationality, are central. The opposite of holism is dualism and reductionism, where parts such as the body and mind are considered separately from each other.

    Holism research

    Quantum physics scientists also recognize that everything is energy, and that everything is connected. More information can be found at The Scientific medical network.

    How can a holistic view and a holistic approach look like? Holistic examples:

    1. An example of how eating (a physical factor) can affect your emotions and thoughts:

    • What does the ingredient look like? The color, structure, smell and nutrients (such as sugar and fat) affect your entire system. For example, too much sugar can lead to depressed feels.
    • Are the ingredients you eat organic or ecological? Or have they been sprayed and do they contain relatively many toxins? This may have a different impact on your system.
    • Is the food made according to a certain philosophy? For example, is it fair trade, vegetarian or vegan, or do you consciously use herbs to aid digestion? Or do employees have a bad feeling while making the product? The intention with which things are made can penetrate your body, emotions and thoughts through food. Especially highly sensitive persons are (unconsciously) extra open to this and are extra sensitive to this. Emoto also tells more about this.
    • Is the food prepared in a specific way, such as in the skillet or oven? Or is it heated in the microwave?

    2. An example of how thoughts can affect your body:
    Conversely, if you spend the whole day stressful and have stressed thoughts in your head, your body will naturally feel stressed and tense. Meditating helps to relax your body.

    How does a holistic person lives?

    Someone who wants to live a holistic life is aware that everything is connected. Such a person will, for example, consciously separate waste and consciously eat healthy, in order to support not only themselves but also the environment and animals. What is healthy for someone and how much sugar someone needs, for example, varies from person to person. Muscle testing or kinesiology can help with this.


    Holistic treatment

    There are all kind of holistic treatments. How a treatment exactly looks likes, depends on the specialization of a holistic professional. These are some examples:

    Holism in health care

    In recent years it has been increasingly seen that the body cannot be separated from the mind, but that they work together. In health care, holism is best known as alternative or complementary care. These are also sometimes called Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAG). Various professionals such as psychologists can have a holistic view. This is often stated on their website.

    Holistic psychologist

    A holistic psychologist recognizes that everything is connected. A holistic psychologist has a holistic vision; how exactly this vision manifests itself can vary from person to person.

    For example, with my background as an Applied Psychologist, I have a holistic vision and the inputs that;

    • Your body, emotions and thoughts work together.
    • Every person is complete and a person is more than his body, thoughts and feelings. I perceive that you have your body, emotions and thoughts, but you are not your body, emotions and thoughts. I recognize a spiritual core in every being.
    • Thoughts make things ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.
    • One behavior is more effective than the other, depending on the situation.
    • Each is responsible for himself.
    • There is ‘more’ between heaven and earth; this is how I perceive subtle loving energies and beings of light (resonating with Ascended Masters)..
    • Reincarnation and other times (such as past lives) exist.

    A holistic psychologist or someone with such a background is suitable for people who also have a holistic vision.

    Holistic healing

    There may be a discrepancy taking place in someone’s life; for example, there may be a complaint or illness. Energetic Holistic Healing can support this.

    Do you want to know more/can we help you?

    Mathijs can learn you how you can give yourself and others an energetic holistic healing via Primordial Light Healing. Do you want to know more about this? Please contact us.

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