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Stone circles: what can they bring you as a HSP?

    Door Femke de Grijs

    Stone circles can be found all over the world. In Great Britain (consisting of Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland) and Southern Ireland, there are currently around 1300 on the Internet (in practice this is likely to be more). In this blog you will discover more about what stone circles are and what you can do with them if you are a highly sensitive person (HSP).

    What stones does a stone circle consist of?

    Stone circles consist of standing and sometimes also lying stones (it is often thought that they originally stood, but have fallen over time).


    A stone that stands upright is also called a menhir. The height of this can vary.

    Stone circles can contain stones of all sizes, just think of stones that are 1 or 10 meters high.

    Mathijs van der Beek is standing by stone in Stonehenge


    A monument consisting of one or more large stones is called a megalith or a megalithic monument. The word megalith means: big stone.

    Stone circles can be made from all kinds of stones. It is possible that stones have been worked in a stone circle, so that a stone has a specific shape.

    Missing stones

    In stone circles, stones may have been moved later and / or missing now. There are all kinds of reasons for this.

    Sometimes stones have been deliberately removed by people who wanted the energy of the stone circle no longer flowed properly. For example, it is possible that the church has removed stones. This way people could no longer visit the stone circle, but they could come to church.

    It is also possible that people removed stones because they started building with them. For example, stones were used as building material for a bridge or house. Stone from stone circles has also been regularly chopped off and taken as souvenir.

    Certain stone circles are restored. It is therefore possible that stones (accidentally) are no longer in the original place and / or have been removed.

    Stone circles can be ancient and prehistoric.

    Long Meg and her daughters stone

    Names of stone circles

    When Christianity emerged and they wanted people to go to church instead of nature and associated  (power) places as stone circles, many of these places have been destroyed. To further deter and frighten people, certain places and stone circles were given terrifying names and stories, for example from people who became petrified. These names and stories are often linked to the devil and witchcraft.

    How are stone circles made?

    I want to invite you to look at stone circles with an open mind and listen to your intuition. If you are interested in any stories and research; choose what resonates with you.

    Scientists usually don’t know how stone circles are made. There are thoughts that stones were transported on the ground on wooden rolling tree trunks and that people pulled ropes around the stones to move the stones. Sometimes it is thought that specific stones were (also) obtained because the landscape changed and stones moved by themselves in this way.

    There is also an idea that stones have been energetically transported.

    Blakely Raise stone circle stone

    What is the use of stone circles?

    Scientists often don’t know what the use of stone circles was. There are various ideas about it. Below are some examples of possible functions of stone circles:

    Astronomical observatory / calendar

    Sometimes stone circles are associated with the cosmos and / or specific planets and stars, such as the moon and / or sun. Some stone circles are thought to function as an astronomical observatory / calendar, for example to help sow and / or harvest. For example, with some stone circles, during the summer or winter solstice you can see the sunlight shining above a specific spot like on a stone.

    Gamelands stone circle stone

    In practice, a stone circle can help some people to connect optimally with the cosmos and certain planets and stars and to be aligned with the Earth.

    Healing center

    It is sometimes thought that people came to a stone circle because they functioned as a healingcenter (for example what Lourdes is now for certain people). Healing can include physical, but also emotional and mental healing. For example, some people experience that a stone circle can provide insight into blockages and shadow pieces (such as unsolved trauma) and can help solve this.

    Place for spiritual ceremonies / rituals

    A stone circle is sometimes seen as a ceremonial place, for example for initiations and / or rituals, possibly around:

    • birth (for example to celebrate a birth) and / or death. Sometimes people are buried near a stone circle.
    • masculine and / or feminine energy. Just think of a circle in which all possible phases that a woman or man can go through ( such as: baby, teenager, (grand)mother/father are included. For example, a stone circle can help some people to balance masculine and feminine energy.

    It is sometimes thought that a (specific) stone circle functioned as a temple.

    What can you do with stone circles?

    There are people who go to stone circles because they are curious about what this looks like and want to take a picture of it. Think of tourists.

    There are also people who visit stone circles because of their energy, related to the mentioned functions above. Every stone circle is unique. It is therefore possible to perceive a different energy with each stone circle. Some people experience stone circles as power places now.

    Blakely Raise stone circle stone

    What do you experience around stone circles?

    Or, how and what someone perceives around stone circles and when they visit a stone circle is unique and personal. This can vary from person to person. What someone experiences depends inter alia on:

    • The extent to which someone is (high) sensitive/paranormal and to what extent this is used in a proper way. If a HSP does not yet properly manage his / her high sensitivity a HSP may suffer from emotions for example from other visitors.
    • Someone’s consciousness. A person with a narrowed consciousness will perceive less than someone with an expanded consciousness.
    • Someone’s intuition. The more a person’s intuition is developed, the more it will perceive.
    • A person’s vision (such as a Christian, scientific or spiritual vision).
    • Someone’s attention. For example, you can meditate around the stone circles. You can tunes in to things like; the original builders and the intention of the builders, a specific period or moment in history.
    • Someone’s own history and any unresolved issues / blocks (such as about shadow pieces and / or (unrounded) past lives)
    • The moment. Energy is not static, but moves. This can change your experience with a stone circle over time.

    I invite you to be aware of your feelings about stone circles. You may experience a preference for or aversion to (certain) stone circles. I’ll share more with you about this first.

    Blakely Raise stone circle

    How come you have a preference for or aversion to stone circles?

    Various factors can ensure that you have a preference for or an aversion to (certain) stone circles.

    Stone circles can help you gain insights about yourself and to connect with yourself.

    Typically, if you have a preference for something in terms of stone circles, it feeds you.

    If you dislike a stone circle (and feel uncomfortable, for example), there are usually opportunities to grow here. For example, if a negative experience emerges, this can be an opportunity from a spiritual approach to become aware of this, to investigate it and to heal it, so you can grow.

    Examples of stone circles in England

    Below are some examples of stone circles in England that I have visited in low season:

    • Stonehenge
    • Avebury
    • Castlerigg
    • Long Meg and her daughters
    • Small unknown stone circles


    One of the most famous stone circles in the world is Stonehenge.



    Lintels are special about Stonehenge; these are horizontal covering stones that lie on vertical supporting stones. These horizontal covering stones lie on the vertical supporting stones with a special construction. The supporting stones have a kind of protruding points at the top, where the covering stones fit, because they have a kind of holes in them.

    Stonehenge lintels


    The stones of Stonehenge are of different material. For example, there are stones called ‘ bluestones ’. These stones have a bluish tint when broken wet or fresh. These stones are more than 250 km. of Stonehenge found. Above in the photo are the smaller standing stones the ‘ bluestones ’.

    Stonehenge and the sun

    Stonehenge is aligned with the sun, this is visible during the winter and summer solstice, for example. The middle stones below in the photo have to do with this.

    Stonehenge: line of stones related to the winter solstice

    Stonehenge is over time restored.

    Missing stones from Stonehenge

    Stonehenge lacks stones. It is thought, among other things, that people took pieces of stone from the Stonehenge stones, as a kind souvenir.

    Visit Stonehenge

    You can visit Stonehenge in Salisbury (South England).

    Visit Stonehenge without a ticket

    Some people don’t buy a ticket and look at it from a distance, outside the gates. We did this before our first visit outside opening hours and we liked this.

    There are basically 2 types of tickets available; regular and ‘ Stonehenge Stone Circle Experience ’ tickets. With both tickets you can walk from the visitor center or take a free shuttle bus to Stonehenge.

    Mathijs van der Beek and Femke de Gray at Stonehenge

    Regular tickets

    With the regular tickets you can walk around Stonehenge and get a little closer to the stones compared to when you don’t buy a ticket. When we were here in the low season it was very busy and touristy, even during ‘ off peak ’ times indicated on the website.

    Stonehenge Stone Circle Experience ticket

    With a ‘ Stonehenge Stone Circle Experience ’ ticket you can stand in the stone circle. However, you are not allowed to touch the stones. There are other things that are not allowed (such as: walking in the circle with your umbrella, lighting incense, etc.). We had the first visit of the day, which was relative quiet.

    If you buy a ticket, you can also visit a few recreated houses from the past at the visitor center and visit an exhibition. This personally did not resonate with me.

    Stonehenge stone
    Tickets Stonehenge

    Stonehenge is managed by the English Heritage organization. You can pre-order your ticket online at the website of English Heritage. If you book online in advance, you are assured of access and you get a discount on your ticket.

    If you are highly sensitive and want to avoid crowds, it is best to go at a quiet moment in the low season. The website gives an indication when this is the case.

    Henge; what is that?

    henge is a fence / wall that is oval or circular and made of earth. There is also a ditch / moat inside this fence.

    Stonehenge is actually no real henge, because there is no internal but external ditch.

    Stonehenge and fog

    An example of such a earth wall and real henge can be found in Avebury.

    Avebury stone circle

    In Avebury (South England) is the largest stone circle from Britain. The diameter of the largest outer stone circle is more than 330 meters. There are also 2 stone circles inside this large circle.

    When I was here in low season this place was also frequented by other people. It was quieter compared to my visit to Stonehenge.

    Avebury seen from the air
    Photo source: Wikipedea
    Femke de Gray at Avebury

    Castlerigg stone circle

    In Northern England, the most visited stone circle is Castlerigg stone circle. From the center of the stone circle, certain stones fit exactly into the landscape in terms of shape.

    castlerigg stone circle
    Castlerigg stone circle

    Long Meg and her daughters

    Mathijs, dog Juultje and I visited the stone circle ‘Long Meg and her daughters’. This is the largest stone circle in Northern England. Compared to the stone circles above, this stone circle was a lot quieter. This stone circle consists of a stone circle, where a separate stone in a kind of red color is next to it.

    Stone circle Long Meg and her daughters

    The red stone separate from the stone circle is called Long Meg and is 3.6 meters high.

    Stone circle Long Meg and her daughters; Long Meg

    On the stone are symbols:

    Stone circle Long Meg and her daughters; symbol
    Stone circle Long Meg and her daughters; symbol


    The symbols on Long Meg are sometimes associated with Atlantis.

    It is sometimes thought that people who originated in Atlantis, not only lived in Atlantis but were also active in other places in the world. There is a thought that when Atlantis was in danger of being lost, certain Atlanteans migrated to places, including to Europe.

    Atlanteans had various qualities. For example, some had the quality of working with astronomy / astrology. Specific energy of the cosmos (for example with regard to planets and stars) was energetically projected onto Earth and consciously used by them, for example by using stones and marking places and working with energy lines. It is regularly thought that the Atlantis symbol was engraved in certain stones and that some henges have the shape of the Atlantis symbol (if you look from above).

    Small stone circles in England

    Unknown and small stone circles can also be found in England. In some places I didn’t meet anyone. I really enjoyed visiting these kinds of stone circles!

    My experience with stone circles

    I like to visit stone circles and meditate and do lightwork in the stone circles. Especially unknown (non-tourist) stone circles in nature appeal to me.

    I deliberately chose not to share my experiences with the energy with stone circles in this blog, because these can differ from person to person and this is not of much use to you in my view. I would like to invite you to intuitively observe whether / what stone circles can bring you :).

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